Of Literature and Lattes

Title: Of Literature and Lattes Author: Katherine Reay Genre: Chick-Lit Publishing Date: May 12, 2020 Publisher: Thomas Nelson Length: 336 Pages About the Book: Katherine Reay returns to the cozy and delightful town of Winsome where two people discover the grace of letting go and the joy found in unexpected change. After fleeing her hometown three years earlier, Alyssa Harrison … Continue reading Of Literature and Lattes

Oliver’s Moving Day – Review Tour & Giveaway

About the Book Book: Oliver’s Moving Day Author: Vicky Sluiter Genre: Children’s book Release Date: December 3, 2019 It’s moving day, and five-year-old Oliver is excited for the adventure ahead. He is full of questions as, along with big sister Edith, Mommy, and Daddy, Oliver moves from The Big City to The Country. He has … Continue reading Oliver’s Moving Day – Review Tour & Giveaway

The White Rose Resists

Title: The White Rose Resists Author: Amanda Barratt Genre: Historical Fiction Publishing Date: May 26, 2020 Publisher: Kregel Publications Length: 336 Pages About the Book: Inspired by the incredible true story of a group of ordinary men and women who dared to stand against evil The ideal of a new Germany swept up Sophie Scholl in a maelstrom of patriotic fervor--that is, … Continue reading The White Rose Resists

Call to Love

Title: Call to Love Author: Mary A Felkins Genre: Contemporary Romance Publishing Date: Nov 15, 2019 Publisher: Prism Length: 240 Pages About the Book: Tracy Cassidy, a fiercely independent ED nurse, must choose between her dream job or staying in her hometown to help support her mother’s faltering ministry. Even if it means risking her heart in love with the … Continue reading Call to Love

A Mosaic of Wings

Title: A Mosaic of Wings Author: Kimberly Duffy Genre: Historical Fiction Publishing Date: May 5, 2020 Publisher: Bethany House Length: 352 Pages About the Book: Determined to uphold her father's legacy, newly graduated Nora Shipley joins an entomology research expedition to India to prove herself in the field. In this spellbinding new land, Nora is faced with impossible choices--between saving … Continue reading A Mosaic of Wings