Month: November 2018

Reading Recap November 2018

I don’t know if it’s just me or not, but November seemed to go by super quickly! Looking back I’ve had some pretty amazing reads this month! Normally there are at least a few that I don’t have reviews posted for yet, but this month the only one not posted yet is The Amish Midwife’s […]

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First Line Friday # 37

Happy Friday! The book I’m featuring this week is: Jillian Cline Friday, March 9 The air in the spectator area of Brownsburg High’s swimming pool is nothing short of heavy, but there’s a safety in the thickness. I was recently part of a spotlight tour for this book, but I will be reading this one […]

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#TFBRC- Nov 29, 2018

How Random is Your TBR? There are a lot of options to talk about for today’s topic of RANDOM. My first thought went towards picking what books to read next, so I’m going with it! Do you have a stack of books in the order you intend to read them? Do you jump genres to […]

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His Encouragement #34

Happy Thursday! I am blessed to be a part of a group of bloggers who feel led to share a bit of encouragement each week from the Bible. We recognize that the source of our peace, strength, and security in this life comes from Jesus, and we aim to share that with our readers. Plus, […]

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#TFBRC- Nov 28, 2018

Today’s challenge had me running through my goodreads shelves to see if I could find something that would fit! I think I’ve found a good one though 🙂 I read Black and Blue way back when I was still in high school. It’s the story of a woman on the run with her son from […]

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#TFBRC- Nov 27, 2018

I had an entire post created with multiple titles shared, but I decided to delete all of it so that I could highlight this certain book, and I hope you can see why: This book was incredibly well-written but it’s also a very difficult read. It’s partially based on a true story. One of the […]

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#TFBRC- Nov 26, 2018

I admit that I am very picky when it comes to novellas. I’m a bigger fan of a nice, thick book. I think the novellas that are introductions to series are often well done simply because you aren’t trying to fit an entire story inside 100 pages. In my experience novellas are often books that could […]

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Memorable Monday #31

Happy Monday! The purpose of memorable Monday is to showcase a book that you’ve read in the past and share how/why it has stuck with you. This week I’m featuring: Amazon | Goodreads Yesterday I shared my review for Jody Hedlund’s newest novel Searching for You (releasing Dec 4). The series in general reminds me of […]

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Searching for You (Orphan Train #3)

Title: Searching for You Author: Jody Hedlund Series: Orphan Train #3 Genre: Historical Fiction Publishing Date: December 4, 2018 About the Book: Despite years on the run, Sophie Neumann is determined to care for two young children. She won’t abandon them the way she thinks her older sisters abandoned her. But times are growing desperate, and when […]

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