Top 10 Tuesday- 2019 Bookish Discoveries

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Top Ten Tuesday is  hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is to share about 2019 Bookish discoveries. I have lots. Let’s see what I can come up with haha

    1. CFRR: Sadly, it’s been retired now but I’m BEYOND grateful that I was able to attend the final get-together. I’m not lying when I say it was literally life changing for me. I was able to meet some of my blogger friends in-person for the first time as well as make a whole bunch of new friends who were authors, bloggers, and reviewers. I learned a whole ton about how we can be the most helpful and supportive of authors through blogging and reviewing and social media. CFRR will always hold a special place in my heart <3

  1. FRS: FRS was the second reader event I attended but again, I had an amazing time. I was able to see some of my friends from CFRR again along with meeting new faces. I’m definitely looking forward to attending again this year.
  2. Baker Book House: Okay, this COULD have been included with FRS because that’s how I ended up there, but really it’s an amazing discovery all by itself. It even has carts! Bring a whole crew of readers into a bookstore with carts and you can just imagine the shopping that ensued!
  3. Baker Publishing Group: Okay, yes, once again this one could fall under FRS as well but again it was amazing all on it’s own. My friend Becca Peterson (Reflections from my Bookshelves) and I were able to go on a tour and it was absolutely incredible. My favorite part? The archive room–where they have at least one copy of every book ever published by them going back over 100 years. (If you want to see more of this you can click HERE for my full post).


  4. Bookish Shoes: You can blame Kimberley Woodhouse for this one. She had bookish shoes on at CFRR and it made the rest of us jealous haha. A few months later I ended up getting a pair myself 🙂
  5.  Personal Library Stamp: Admittedly this one is more 2018 but I got it for Christmas last year so it’s close enough 🙂img_5166
  6. My Throne Room: Okay, it may or may not have anything specifically to do with books, but it’s my new favorite place to read in the summertime <3 During the winter we moved it inside to protect it from the yucky white stuff but now I have to fight my cat for it lol.f5bc582d-0d31-478f-8360-b81fb6ec902c
  7. Rom-Com: This may sound like an odd thing to “discover” but starting with Bethany Turner’s Wooing Cadie McCaffrey I was introduced to a new genre I actually enjoy. I’m not a big fan of Hallmark because I can’t do the “fluff” but I really enjoyed the Rom-Coms that I read.
  8. Bookish Tshirts: I really didn’t want to get all self-promotey but I’m running out of ideas lol. I started making Bookish Tshirts for myself with a cousin of mine back in 2018 but I had enough friends want to wear them too that I ended up opening an Etsy shop for them a few months ago called All Things Bookish Tees (there’s a link at the top of the page).
  9. BookBuddy (Personal Library App): Technically I just discovered this a few days ago so it falls under 2020 but it’s kind of a big deal so I’m including it. I’m still not completely done scanning my personal library, but I’m about halfway as of now. It    keeps track of the books I own so that I’m less likely to accidentally buy a duplicate. It also helps me keep track of the books I loan out and have on my wishlist.Image result for bookbuddy app

What are some of YOUR bookish discoveries in 2019? Share in the comments below!




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