Winning the Worry Battle: Life Lessons from the Book of Joshua

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winning the worry battle
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Title: Winning the Worry Battle: Life Lessons from the Book of Joshua
Author: Barb Roose
Genre: Bible Study/Devotional
Release Date: April 17, 2018


About the Book:

Have you ever tried to fight worry with faith and felt you were losing the battle? Have comments like “God’s got this!” or “Just pray about it” only left you feeling more burdened? We know we shouldn’t worry, but the reality is that we all do at times. Whether it’s personal worries about loved ones and daily circumstances or broader concerns about what’s happening in the world, we long for something more than platitudes that will help us put real feet to our faith and win the worry battle.

Many Christians do not have a full understanding of what it means to fight the good fight of faith. They try to live by faith but in the face of everyday trials and failures, they find themselves disillusioned and discouraged, wondering if they have done something wrong or if living by faith only works for others. The problem for most is simply a lack of understanding regarding what faith is and how it works.

This book, inspired by the Book of Joshua, reviews three tools a person can develop to Fight In Faith 1) embracing God’s promises, 2) courage and commitment under pressure and 3) practicing radical obedience while waiting for God to deliver your victory.

Just as God gave His people victory over their enemies when they fought in faith, He promises to do the same for us. Following the footprints of bold, courageous faith that God gave His people, we’ll be equipped with tools to bravely fight in faith and overcome both our daily struggles and the bigger battles we all face. Through examples of how God gave the Israelites victory over their enemies and generously blessed them, too, we’ll be victorious in our fight of faith so that we not only radically transform our own lives but unequivocally impact society.

Have you ever been told that if you worry or have anxiety that you are just sinning and not trusting God? Have you ever been made to feel guilty if you ever worry about important people and/or events in your life? Have you ever been upset with yourself because you are anxious about something but in your heart you are desperately trying to trust the Lord and seek Him? If you’ve said “yes” to any of these questions, then this book would be a great resource for you.

We as people are under intense pressure in this day and age that we need to portray ourselves to the world as if we “have it all together.” I’ve heard people go as far as questioning another’s (or even their own) salvation based solely on the fact that they have anxiety. It’s encouraging to read something that combats that and gives encouragement from the Bible. Throughout the book the author shares the story of Joshua as he and the Israelites prepare to enter The Promised Land. Along the way she offers wisdom and encouragement to those who may be suffering from worry and anxiety in their lives. She confesses that she herself has suffered from crippling anxiety and panic attacks in her life. Although she is in a much better place in her life currently, she still has to use the tools she used in the book to help her through when worry strikes.

While the first part of the book was more about worry and anxiety, as the author continues through Joshua’s story it becomes more about obeying the Lord, repenting of sin, and appropriately “carefronting” others who are struggling with sin. I personally wish the author would have gone deeper in certain areas, but I believe she touched on a lot of important topics that the church often ignores and/or doesn’t handle helpfully. Coming from someone who has suffered with anxiety in their life, it’s not helpful to tell someone that their anxiety is sinful and  that they aren’t trusting God the way they should be (enough to cause them to question their own salvation). Trust me, they already beat themselves up enough on their own. If you want to reach someone who is suffering with anxiety, reach out and encourage them with God’s Word (not show them how badly they are failing), and comfort them with the knowledge that “nothing is a surprise to God” and that we can rest in the fact that God is outside of time and already knows our outcomes. Pray with and for them. You don’t have to be silent, but being judgmental won’t help anybody.

Simply for the fact that I am a highlighter and note-taker in studies, my recommendation is for the print version of this book if it’s possible for you. I myself did a lot of highlighting in this book, but because it wasn’t the print version I couldn’t add any little notes. It’s enough that I intend to re-read the print version of the book later so that I can do just that.

Don’t let worry overtake you in this life. Seek the Lord and find rest and comfort in Him! When the enemy attempts to strike, fight back with the truth found in God’s Word and don’t let Satan keep you down! When you fall, don’t beat yourself up but dust yourself off and grab The Father’s hand and He will walk you through life’s battles. It really is possible to win the worry battle!

*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher and NetGalley in hopes of an honest review. Opinions expressed are mine alone.

Rating: 5-Stars-300x57

Age Appropriateness: The book is written mostly for women so the content is heavily geared towards that audience, but many of the tools and biblical wisdom shared can be applied to all ages and both genders. If the topic itself is relevant, than the book can be a useful resource.

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  1. Just pre-ordered this. I was just talking about my worry worries to one of my work friends today. Sounds like the book I need to read. Thank you for your review!

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