Veiled By Privilege (Radical #1)

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Title: Veiled By Privilege
Author: Anne Garboczi Evans
Series: Radical Book 1
Genre: Christian Fiction

About the Book: 

“CIA field officer Joe Csontos is desperate to discover Al Qaeda of the Arabian Peninsula’s next target before thousands of Americans die.
Atheist grad student in Middle Eastern studies, Kay Bianchi needs a dissertation project riveting enough to pass muster with her capricious professor. When Kay illegally travels to Saudi Arabia under a false identity, she has no idea the passport holder is betrothed to a high-profile terrorist, or that the passport holder’s male relative intends to marry Kay off in seven days.
The moment Joe meets Kay he is attracted to her, but she’s some tree-hugging liberal who doesn’t even believe in the Second Amendment. When the terrorists jeopardize both their lives, they have to work together.
Will Joe and Kay stop the terrorists in time? Can Kay’s love of Islamic culture survive an encounter with Al Qaeda, and if it does, can a leftist and a right-winger fall in love?”

This was one intense read! If you are looking for a more action-packed and non-explicit suspense and less of an evangelical read, then I’d recommend this book. Joe Csontos is a Christian and often jabbed at for his stereotypical “home-school upbringing.” (This honestly went a little further than I liked). Then Kay Bianchi is a liberal athiest who rejects all forms of religion. I personally wish there could have been more discussion and opportunity for Joe to share his Christian perspective, but with Kay really being the main character her views were shared a bit more. I also wish there was more involved in her conversion to becoming a believer.

This book is a eye-opener for those who are oblivious to the life of Islamic women (and men). The book introduces a few women that come across Kay’s path and you can see just how brainwashed women are into believing they should accept how they are treated. These scenes felt both frustrating and saddening, especially knowing they are a reality.

As with any book where the characters are attempting to flee a foreign country, this book was packed with action as Joe and Kay are on the run to safety. No, I will not spoil any of this other than say that the more danger they face, there seems to be even more around the corner. You’ll just have to read to find out!

*I was given a complimentary copy from the author in the hopes of an honest review.

Rating: 4-Stars-300x57

Age Appropriateness: My personal recommendation would be for ages 14 and up. There is a lot about Islam in the book and several scenes showing the mistreatment of women. Terrorism is also and active piece to the plot.

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