Veiled by Coercion (Radical #2)

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Title: Veiled by Coercion
Author: Anne Garboczi Evans
Series: Radical #2
Genre: Action/Suspense
Publishing Date: May 22, 2018

About the Book:
Rosna longs for a strong husband and many children, but when ISIS overtakes her Iraqi village, they enslave Rosna. One day blurs into another for Rosna under her captor’s harrowing oppression. Even if she can escape, she’ll forever be a scarlet woman in Iraq.

Ali’s an Iraqi smuggler who’s been paid to free Rosna. He loads up his machine gun for a swift money-making venture, but nothing goes according to plan. Soon ISIS guns are aimed at Ali too. No amount of smuggling money is worth risking certain death, but will Ali find a higher reason than wealth to try to save Rosna? Or will the plague of ISIS consume Rosna and Ali along with their homeland?

My Review:
Just like the first book in this series, this was one intense action-packed ride from the start to finish! Due to the fact that Rosna had been kidnapped and forced into a life as a sex slave, I would say this book was significantly more graphic than the first one. Also, Kay from the first book was from America and dealt with a lot of culture shock. The characters in this one were all born and raised in the Middle East. This meant that the evils of Islam were not unknown to any of them.

For those looking for a strong Christian presence, please note that although this book is labeled as Christian fiction, there aren’t any characters who are Christian so the views expressed throughout are Muslim. Although they are in the light of sharing the evils of the religion, Christ isn’t present throughout either. This doesn’t affect my personal rating of the book in any way, I just say it as a heads up to anyone expecting a strong Christian presence.

Genre categorizing aside, I still really enjoyed the story. The action and suspense had me captivated, and I literally read the book in one sitting. I honestly have learned a lot in reading this series about some of the evils in Islam on a cultural level and not just what we hear about the war. The more I learn of Islam, the more my heart breaks for the women. This book made me feel physically angry at all Rosna had to endure only to face hopelessness.

There was one scene that I have to say I really struggled with. (Slight spoiler?) There is a scene where one of the characters is visited by Jesus, but unfortunately nothing about the experience felt biblical. I believe their reaction to Jesus didn’t line up with how the scriptures say one would react in the face of his presence, and even afterward they seemed more confused by it than changed by it. There wasn’t any major transformation. Although I will admit it’s very easy for books to make scenes like this very cheesy, I think this went too far in the opposite direction. If I’m being honest it felt like this was added so that Jesus could be in the book, but it wasn’t story-changing in any way.

I am really finding myself engrossed in this series and can’t wait to start reading the third book. Although this was the second book in the series, the stories themselves are stand-alones. The author does a really amazing job of exposing the evils of Islam and sparking the reader’s heart to be praying for the spreading of the knowledge of Christ and for the converting of souls to Christianity.

And now for me to read book 3 🙂

*I received a complimentary copy of the book from the author. I was not required to give a positive review. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.

Rating: 4-Stars-300x57

Age Appropriateness/Content Warnings:
This is most definitely a book I wouldn’t recommend to younger readers. There is a lot of violence throughout the entire book. There are multiple beatings leading up to (and including) rape. There is a lot of gun violence as well. This one is best left for adults.

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