Top Ten Tuesday – Signs You Are a Book Lover

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Top Ten Tuesday is  hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is signs you are a book lover. I may have had a little bit of fun with this one 😉

1. You have a bookish wardrobemvimg_20190810_111118

2. You read past your bedtime. Every. Single. Night. “One more chapter” basically means the rest of the book.


3. If someone tells you they don’t like reading you take it as a challenge to change their mind.


4. You drive 6 hours just to hang out at a bookstore with friends (yep, I’ve done this!)


5. You can’t help but physically react to the books you read. Laugh, cry, gasp… you know 😉


6. You have your own personal library at home. And the neighborhood knows who to go to when in need 😉


7. It’s dangerous to release you into a bookstore unsupervised… No Really 😛


8. You’re incapable of having a conversation without saying the word “book”.


9. For a trip of any length you take both physical books and your kindle. You know, in case the battery dies on your kindle or you finish your physical books. You need to have options! #alwaysbeprepared


10. You’re book budget is larger than your clothing budget (okay, I admit I stole this one from a friend but it was so accurate I felt it haha)


So inquiring minds want to know… are you a book lover?


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