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I have gone back and forth countless times as to whether or not I’d participate in Top Ten Tuesday. I regularly read the posts created by others but a lot of the time I I don’t make it to my own because this whole “10” thing throws me for  loop (as noted by my “Slightly More Than Top 10” favorites lists). After I saw the slight tweak to today’s topic on my good blogger friend Jessica at A Baker’s Perspective‘s page (with the idea from Andi at Radiant Light), I decided I needed to jump in this week. Will I participate every week going forward? Probably not, but we will see how things go 🙂 Top Ten Tuesday is  hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week’s topic is “Books On My TBR I’m Avoiding Reading and Why” but since I’m not actually avoiding any, I am sharing some of the ones that are shouting at me the loudest 😉

Nothing like a visit to good ol’ Goodreads to remind you of all those books sitting on your TBR that you can’t believe you haven’t gotten to yet! I’m sharing in no particular order.

Top Ten Books on my Shouty TBR

The Centurion's Wife (Acts of Faith, #1)
Amazon | Goodreads

I am ashamed to admit I haven’t read this one yet. As a HUGE janette Oke fan I have no excuse. I need to read this one ASAP.

The Girl From the Train
Amazon | Goodreads

I have had this one on my TBR for quite a while but I finally purchased a copy while I was at FRS last month so hopefully it will be moving to my READ pile very soon!

How Sweet the Sound
Amazon | Goodreads

This is another one that I have had sitting on my pile and already owned on Kindle but came home with a paperback from FRS. There’s just something about that physical book!

The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck
Amazon | Goodreads

This one likes to shout at me regularly from the shelf. I have had a copy for a few months now waiting impatiently for me to open it up. It’s going to happen very soon. It needs to happen very soon.

Saving Amelie
Amazon | Goodreads

Another one I have no excuse for. I have a copy on my Kindle. I hope to read it soon.

Sensible Shoes: A Story about the Spiritual Journey (Sensible Shoes #1)
Amazon | Goodreads

Another one I purchased while at FRS. I’ve heard amazing things about this book along with her newest release Shades of Light.

High As the Heavens
Amazon | Goodreads

It’s okay to be jealous… but do you remember me posting about how I was able to tour Baker Publishing Group (if not click HERE). while I was out to attend FRS? Yeah, I managed to walk out of the building with a signed copy of this one. Sentimental much? Of course.

The Road to Paradise (Vintage National Parks, #1)
Amazon | Goodreads

I have several friends who have loved Karen Barnett’s books and I’m ashamed to admit I haven’t read any yet. I did however sit with her at FRS and had a wonderful time getting to know her (and the famous Ranger Bear). I came home with not only a copy for me, but 2 as gifts for others (which was pre-planned 😉 )

The Last Year of the War
Amazon | Goodreads

This one might not happen as quickly as others because I don’t actually have a copy of it, but I’ve wanted to read this one since before it came out.

The Mark of the King
Amazon | Goodreads

This is another one I’ve wanted to read for a while. I think I have it on my Kindle but you know me, I like my physical book if I can. (They’re more shouty that way too haha).

What books have been shouting at you from your TBR?



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  1. I read The Last Year of the War and The Road to Paradise and enjoyed them both. I also have The Girl From the Train, but have not gotten to it yet. Some good books appear to be on your list. 😃

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