The Traveler and the Heavy Burden

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Title: The Traveler and the Heavy Burden

Author: Deborah Rowley

Illustrator: Sarah Newell

Genre: Short Story

Publishing Date: Sept 30, 2019

Length: 56 Pages

About the Book:

Others would have given up long ago with burdens such as yours, but you are here. If only you could see the distance you have traveled. Know this: your journey was not without purpose. You shall see.

The road is immense, stretching as far as the eye can see. Among the countless individuals making their way ahead, a lone woman slowly presses forward, carrying a load far too heavy to bear. With no one with whom to share her burden, she yearns to reach the end of her painful journey. Just when she is ready to give up, the miracles begin.

An act of kindness. A word of encouragement. A reminder of her worth. Buoyed by the assistance of compassionate strangers along the path, the woman finds the strength to continue her journey until she finds the One who can offer her greater peace and acceptance than she has ever dreamed possible.

For those seeking respite from the pains and heartache of life, this profound tale of one broken traveler’s journey is a powerful reminder of the love of the King of Kings, who is waiting with open arms to offer strength, love, and relief.

My Review:

This was a picture book and short story for adults. It’s about a woman who is carrying the burdens of depression (although the word depression itself isn’t actually used) and is on the road desperately in search of a way to lighten her load. It’s a physical representation of the weight of our emotions. Yet while the king was the only one who was able to finish the job, I appreciated that there were other people used in the story to both help her on her journey and take some of the load from her. This was really a heartwarming story with a whole load of deeper meaning. I’m glad I gave this one a read.

*I received a copy of this short story from the publisher. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.

Rating: 4.5 stars

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