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THE RANK GAME is designed by Dana Brown, a former Walt Disney Imagineer, and Chip Brown, a former Disney Studios producer and Christian publisher, to engage the diverse backgrounds, interests, personalities and opinions of every player. By celebrating our individualism, THE RANK GAME actually brings people together, through rich conversation and competition.  Created for groups of all sizes, THE RANK GAME leverages our own social behaviors—ranking the things or experiences in our lives.

For example, rank the four seasons:     A) fall  B) spring  C) summer D) winter



My Review:

I thought this game looked fun so I decided to try it out. Unfortunately because of this quarantine madness it’s hard to get to try it out with friends when you’re all distant from each other. On the other hand, this is one that could technically be played in a group whether they’re in the same room or not. I played with my sister, and we tried to play both “just for fun” and also as a challenge, but we found that we both agreed on everything anyways so it ended up being our own answers and the answers for each other at the same time. Maybe it would be more challenging to play with friends who aren’t so alike haha. It was fun to play but wasn’t something we could see ourselves playing for extended periods of time but it does seem like a fun icebreaker game.

*I received a free box of this game through FrontGate Media. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.


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2 responses to “The Rank Game – Family Game Review

  1. Hi Becca. Thanks for the review of The Rank Game. Great that you’re a youth leader at your church—before quarantine we’ve heard back from youth groups playing the game, and many have also been playing it over Zoom and FaceTime. If you try it with your group, please let us know how it goes!

    God bless you and your ministry,

    Dana & Chip

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