The Marriage Bargain- Review and Giveaway

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Title: The Marriage Bargain

Author: Stephanie Dees

Series: Family Blessings #4

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publishing Date: Jan 15, 2019

(My) Format: E-Book

About the Book:

Jules Sheehan will do anything to keep custody of the two orphaned girls in her care—including a marriage of convenience with their uncle. Cam Quinn crosses the globe as a travel writer, but he’s ready to settle down. Now tough, tender Jules is offering the home he’s secretly longed for. Can this marriage in name only become a family of the heart?

My Review:

My sentiments are a bit difficult to place for this one. It moved WAY too quickly and had events that would never happen as quickly or easily as they did. Having said that though, as someone who reads a lot of heart-breaker stories, this book is one of those perfect options to read afterward as a pick-me-up. The initial situation the characters find themselves in seems like an impossible mission, but everything seems to fit together for them too perfectly for them to fail.

I didn’t read the first books in this series but from what I collected of others’ thoughts Jules was a very “plan-oriented” person, so when she was thrown a situation like this one with losing her best friend and seeking custody of her daughters, it’s easy to see it would have been a tail-spinning even for her. I immediately liked her as a character because she appeared authentic and her love for Eleanor and Emma was clear to see. I felt her relationship with Cam was awkward but I still liked her as a character.

I really don’t want to be a spoiler so I won’t give too much detail here, but I really struggled with how quickly the story progressed with outlandish events to taint the realism. I think if some of those events were toned down it would have been better. I liked the premise but feel like it needed to be longer to give more development to the characters and the overall story.

If you’re looking for an entirely realistic story this wouldn’t be my first recommendation, but if you’re looking for something to lighten your mood then it could be a great option. This book falls into my “pick-me-up” category.

*I received a copy of this book from the author through JustRead Tours. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.

Rating: 3.5-Stars-300x57


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    Thank you for your review on “The Marriage Bargain” by Stephanie Dees.

    Enjoy the Love Inspired series and would love the opportunity to read this one. Love the country feel cover.
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