The Heart’s Stronghold: 4 Historical Stories

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Title: The Heart’s Stronghold: 4 Historical Stories

Authors: Amanda Barrett, Angie Dicken, Gabrielle Meyer, Kimberley Woodhouse

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publishing Date: March 1, 2020

Publisher: Barbour Publishing

Length: 448 Pages (4 Novellas)

About the Book:

Love on the Edge of the Unknown

Join four brave women making their mark on history at Colonial forts. Faced with tragedy and distrust they will fight to bring civility, family, and love to the frontier.

Virginia Company Bride by Gabrielle Meyer
James Fort at Jamestown, Virginia, 1608
In September 1608, Anne Burras is the only woman in Jamestown when her mistress dies upon arrival. Laborer John Layton is one of only thirty-eight colonists who survived the first year in the colony. Both want Anne on the supply ship returning to England in three months, but neither foresee the difficulties they will face just to stay alive—or the painful sacrifices they will make to stay together.

Embers of Hope by Kimberley Woodhouse
Castle Island, Massachusetts, 1674
Castle William (which would eventually become Fort Independence)
With Castle William burned to ashes, a stone mason’s daughter is the only woman on an island of soldiers. But superstitions and rumors abound that she is bad luck for the island. The captain finds himself falling in love with her, but disaster seems to strike every time they make headway. Can these two find love and hope in the midst of the ashes?

A Treaty of Tulips by Angie Dicken
Fort Burnett in Upstate New York, 1740
Daughter of a Dutch trader, Sabine Van Der Berg is loyal to their land at the trading post and also to her friends, the native Iroquois. When a British lieutenant arrives to expand the post to a fort, not only is Sabine key in keeping the peace for British-Iroquois trade, but she must protect her heart from a man who threatens the only way of life she’s ever known.

A Promise for Tomorrow by Amanda Barratt
Fort Boonesborough, Kentucky, 1778
Pregnant widow Rosina Whiting seeks shelter at Fort Boonesborough after a harrowing journey. She doesn’t expect her heart to be swayed by enigmatic frontiersman Captain Silas Longridge. But will the dangers that await sever their newfound love?

My Review:

Virginia Company Bride by Gabrielle Meyer
I adored this one! I liked that it was based on real historical people and that the author looked for the story within what was written in the history books. It was an intriguing premise and I think she did a great job with it. It was highly engaging and easy to read in just one sitting.

Embers of Hope by Kimberley Woodhouse
I am a pretty huge fan of the Daughters of the Mayflower series, so I was pretty excited to see Kimberley Woodhouse choose to create a fictional character who was a descendant from one of the most memorable real-life characters found in her book The Mayflower Bride. It was interesting how big of a role superstition played in this one and I liked how it was all played out. I always love how saturated this author’s works are with real history and how she is able to seamlessly weave it into her fiction. This isn’t a highly common time period to find books in but I really enjoyed it and wish it could have been a full-length novel.

A Treaty of Tulips by Angie Dicken
There’s something about reading a book that takes place in familiar territory that makes you love it more. Born and raised in NY and currently living less than a half hour from Fort Niagara (which isn’t the main fort but is mentioned), I got excited to read this one. I liked that the author was able to create some space in the timeline of this one to make the romance more believable. I also liked the drama within that held my attention and kept the pages turning.

A Promise for Tomorrow by Amanda Barratt
I love how Amanda Barratt wrote with such vivid imagery that it was easy to imagine yourself within the setting. My heart went out to Rosina and I found myself desperately hoping for her happiness. This was another one that I really enjoyed and wished it could have been a full length novel so that I could spend more time with the characters. I wasn’t ready to let them go in the end.

I’ll admit that I don’t read a ton of novellas because I like my full-length novels, but recently I’ve started to really enjoy them. Typically I’ve found that I like some but not others in a collection, however I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed every single one of these. Barbour did a wonderful job of picking just the right authors for this collection.

*I received a copy of this book from Barbour Publishing through NetGalley. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.

 Rating: 5-Stars-300x57

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