The Cedar Key – Character Interview with Casey Adams

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I’m so excited to be sharing a character interview with y’all today for the book The Cedar Key by Stephenia H McGee. I met the author last year at CFRR and she is super sweet. I love her books and appreciate that she aims to not only create wonderful stories, but to point readers to their Heavenly Father. I hope you take a moment to read the interview and be sure to order yourself a copy. You won’t be disappointed! 

the-cedar-keyTitle: The Cedar Key

Author: Stephenia H McGee

Release Date: October 6, 2020

About the Book:

Could the key to Casey’s future be hidden in someone else’s past?

Casey Adams unexpectedly inherits an old Victorian house full of other people’s memories. Stuck in a quirky little Mississippi town, Casey’s hope for a fresh start died as soon she had to lay the grandmother she’d just met to rest.

But Grandma Ida carried secrets beyond the grave.

Before her death Ida carefully planned a trail of clues to help Casey unlock the Macintyre family secrets and finally explain why the family abandoned her. But each of Ida’s letters will only come from Casey’s handsome—and often frustrating—new neighbor. As Casey pieces together the stories behind the objects filling her grandmother’s house, she embarks on a heart-stirring journey that rattles her foundations, ignites her faith, and leads her to a startling discovery that will reshape her future. But only if she can face the lies that have been slowly tearing her apart.

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Character interview with Casey Adams

Do you have any hobbies?

I’ve spent most of my life working to make ends meet, so I haven’t had a lot of time to devote to hobbies. However, once I moved into Ida’s house, I remembered how much I enjoyed cooking. There’s a freedom in creating something delicious, don’t you think? Edible art is the best kind!

It’s a beautiful day outside and you’re out sitting on the porch with a book in your hand and a drink beside you. What are you reading and what are you sipping?

Why, I was just doing that the other day! Ida’s Victorian house comes with a picture-perfect front porch, complete with the most amazing swing you’ve ever seen. I dug around in Ida’s library for a good book and went outside with an ice-cold glass of sweet tea. When in Mississippi, iced sweet tea is really the only tea. You know?

Anyway, as for reading, my grandmother had very specific tastes. She had shelves of Christian fiction in all kinds of genres. I chose to start a historical by Jocelyn Green. It’s about the Great Fire in Chicago and looks pretty good.

If you could go on an adventure to anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

Italy. I mean, you’ve had Italian food, right? I would love to learn some authentic recipes. Then I’d go to France and—oh!—totally over to Scotland and Ireland to see the castles. I’d love to see the word and taste the different dishes. So yeah. That’s it. A culinary adventure across Europe!

If you could go back and give your 13 year old self a single piece of advice what would it be?

Don’t forget who you are. Life can really kick you in the teeth. But that faith you just found in Jesus? That’s real, girl. Don’t forget that when it seems like you are all alone. You’re not. Don’t let the rest of life steal this hope. This truth. Hold on to what God gives you because you’re going to need Him to walk through this crazy world.

What is one thing you learned from Ida that you will never forget?

Ida taught me what love really is. She showed me acceptance and kindness. Though her love, I’m finding out what it means to be loved by God and others. How to love in return. I have a long way left to go, I think, but I’m taking things one step at a time. Just like Ida taught me.

What is family to you?

Family is the people who love you. The people in your life you care about and want the best for. Blood isn’t the only thing that makes family. I believe family is first found in the heart. These are the people who stand by you no matter what. And they are the people you always want to be there for. Hold onto those people when you find them because family matters.

What do you hope people take away from you sharing your story?

I decided to tell this story because I hope that any lady who reads it will see the truths I discovered. I spent so long letting lies define me. I thought my worth was completely tied up in what I did or didn’t do. I had some really hard truths to learn. Maybe when people read my story they’ll see a little of themselves in the pages, and if they do, they can learn their own truths as well.

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