The Liberator Series

Title: The Liberator Series Author: Stephenia H McGee Genre: Historical Fiction Publisher: Vine Press Length: 905 Pages   A nation at war. A plan to change the tides. A Southern Belle and a Confederate Captain caught in the crossfires as America's first presidential assassination unfolds.... Book One, Leveraging Lincoln "All we have to do is kidnap their President...." Four years … Continue reading The Liberator Series

The Whistle Walk (Ironwood Plantation Family #1)

Title: The Whistle Walk (Ironwood Plantation Family #1) Author: Stephenia H McGee Genre: Historical Fiction Publishing Date: Feb 13, 2015 Length: 361 Pages About the Book: A Mississippi Plantation: Civil War pits country men against one another and tears a nation asunder. Life and death are held in the balance where everyone is a slave to something. … Continue reading The Whistle Walk (Ironwood Plantation Family #1)