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#SeasonToRead Reading Challenge- Dec 21, 2018

I don’t know that I read a ton of books with a love triangle, but I think they can look different in each book. Sometimes it’s not the main character with the triangle, but their significant other. Here are a few books I thought of that contain a love triangle in some form or another: […]

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#SeasonToRead Reading Challenge- Dec 20, 2018

I tend to read more historical fiction than contemporary, so today’s challenge was quite easy to find some books that fit. I read a lot of time-slip/split-timeline books so some of these also have a contemporary piece to them, but they still have a full story that takes place in the 1900s. Here are the […]

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#SeasonToRead Reading Challenge- Dec 19, 2018

2018 Christy Awards: What’s great about the internet today is even if you can’t attend an event you can still have the opportunity to watch online at home in the comfort of your jammies and snuggled under a blanket. That was me this year for the Christy awards! While I’ve read more of the nominees, […]

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#SeasonToRead Reading Challenge- Dec 18, 2018

I am not normally one to “talk up” Harry Potter… but I really can’t avoid it for today’s challenge. The narrator did too amazing of a job for me to deny it. Through altering his voice for each character and really getting into the mood of the book, this was probably the most entertaining audiobook […]

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#SeasonToRead Reading Challenge- Dec 14, 2018

Today’s challenge is almost as difficult as yesterday’s! There are SO many more that I could feature, but these are just some of the ones I’ve featured this year. What are some of YOUR favorite Series starters? Share in the comments below! Giveaway! Click the link below to enter a special #SeasonToRead raffflecopter giveaway! You […]

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#SeasonToRead Reading Challenge- Dec 13, 2018

Pshh what an impossible question to ask! How can I pick ONE best standalone? That’s almost as bad as asking what my favorite BOOK at all is! It simply can’t be done! I’ll at least try to share a few of my favorites that I’ve either read or at least featured this year. I still couldn’t […]

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#SeasonToRead Reading Challenge- Dec 11, 2018

I don’t read a lot of fantasy-type books, but I tend to also consider them great book club reads when the content is more allegorical and/or metaphorical. The book that first came to my mind is Emerald Illusion by Jennifer Rodewald (aka J Rodes). It has SO much packed into it that could be analyzed […]

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#SeasonToRead Reading Challenge- Dec 10, 2018

I don’t read a ton of fantasy and/or unrealistic reads, but the series that immediately popped into my mind for today’s challenge is Unblemished by Sara Ella. I read the whole series earlier this year and loved it! I’ve shared it with others who have loved it as well. You can click any of the […]

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#SeasonToRead Reading Challenge- Dec 7, 2018

I honestly don’t know what the longest book is that I read this year (or ever), but the first book that came to my mind for today is a book I recently bought at Ollies. It’s a whopping 888 pages long and one I’ve never read but have felt compelled to for several years. It’s […]

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