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Title: Coral Author: Sara Ella Genre: YA Publishing Date: Nov 12, 2019 Length: 384 pages About the Book: There is more than one way to drown. Coral has always been different, standing out from her mermaid sisters in a society where blending in is key. Worse yet, she fears she has been afflicted with the dreaded Disease, […]

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Reclaiming Sanity

  Title: Reclaiming Sanity: Hope and Healing for Trauma, Stress, and Overwhelming Life Events Author: Dr Laurel Shaler Genre: Christian Non-Fiction Publishing Date: June 1, 2017 Format: Ebook About the Book: With a girlfriend’s companionship and a professional counselor’s expertise, Dr. Laurel Shaler walks you through personal stories and biblical insights that shed light on daily and traumatic stress. […]

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The Curse of Misty Wayfair

Title: The Curse of Misty Wayfair Author: Jaime Jo Wright Series: Standalone Genre: Romantic Suspense Publishing Date: February 5, 2019 About the Book: Left at an orphanage as a child, Thea Reed vowed to find her mother someday. Now grown, her search takes her to Pleasant Valley, Wisconsin, in 1908. When clues lead her to a […]

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The Great Alone

  Title: The Great Alone Author: Kristin Hannah Series: Stand-Alone Genre: Secular Fiction Publishing Date: February 6, 2018   About the Book: Alaska, 1974. Unpredictable. Unforgiving. Untamed. For a family in crisis, the ultimate test of survival. Ernt Allbright, a former POW, comes home from the Vietnam war a changed and volatile man. When he loses […]

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