Fiction Readers Summit 2019 – Final Thoughts

Can I get all "sappy" for a moment and share this? In reflecting on FRS this year I just couldn't help but say how much I love and appreciate these types of events. While I say (all the time) that I'd rather meet an author than a movie star any day, I'd also like to … Continue reading Fiction Readers Summit 2019 – Final Thoughts

Confronting Old Testament Controversies

Title: Confronting Old Testament Controversies Author: Tremper Longman Genre: Apologetics Publishing Date: Apr 2, 2019 Length: 320 pages About the Book: For many people, skeptics and believers alike, the Old Testament is rife with controversial passages and events that make both belief and sharing our beliefs with others difficult. Often our solutions have tended toward the … Continue reading Confronting Old Testament Controversies