Stand Alone (Sola #4)

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Title: Stand Alone (Sola #4)

Author: Ruth Meyer

Genre: Christian Fiction

Publishing Date: Sept 20, 2019

Publisher: TruthNotes Press

Length: 372 Pages

About the Book:

Grace Neunaber has entered a new phase of life. With two grandchildren and her second child college-bound, she’s rethinking what to do with her quiet days while the kids are at school. But she’s not the only one with decisions to make.

Thanks to a football injury, Jackson Williams’ college plans have been turned upside down. His confidence and ego have been shattered along with his dream of a football scholarship. Yet he’s challenged to grow both by his accident and by his best friend, Sam.

With so many uncertainties for the whole family, Grace will have to muster her self-confidence in the face of change. And Jackson will have to choose what kind of person he wants to become—a man who shirks responsibility and caves to circumstance or a man who stands up for what’s right when life knocks him down. Even when it means standing alone.

My Review:

Stand Alone is the fourth book in the Sola series but it was the first one that I read. I was told that it could be read as a standalone and for the most part I would agree, but there were parts that I felt like I was missing out on some important details that I would know more about had I started at the beginning. Although I enjoyed the book, it wasn’t one that I felt fully sucked into and I’m not sure why. I took a peek at some other reviews and I think I might agree with the comment that it felt like there was too much dialogue. I struggled to able to really get into the heads of the characters. Sam’s father also bugged me because it felt like he’d had a complete personality change over the course of a few days instead of just in regards to what had caused his initial outburst. There were a few things that just seemed too far-fetched. My emotions really are mixed because I thought it was an interesting story and it had a lot of good content, but there were also elements that lost my attention.

*I received a copy of this book through JustRead Tours. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.

Rating: 3-Stars-300x57

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