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secret church 18.jpgLast night my husband and I attended an event at our church that I passionately feel is worth sharing. We spent about 7 hours last night watching a simulcast (yes, it included breaks), and spending time to pray for the secret churches around the world. In the United States we are free to attend our churches every week without the fear of persecution. Sadly, in many countries around the world being a Christian or attending a church service could literally cost someone their life. The teaching for the evening was “Cults and Counterfeit Gospels,” but the prayer time was devoted to those in the country of Malaysia.

Malaysia has a diverse population of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and Indigenous ethnicities. In Malaysia it is illegal to share the gospel with a Muslim. For ethnic Malays, they are born into Islam and are not allowed to change their religious affiliation. If they do, they are cut-off from their family and friends, and even subject to punishment by the government. Satan is hard at work silencing the gospel in countries like Malaysia. The persecution of Christians is a reality and we need to come alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ and pray for them. We need to pray for those who are spreading the Gospel. We need to pray for the new believers, that their faith would take root and give them the strength to stand in the face of persecution. We need to pray for the Muslims and other unbelievers, that they would come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We need to pray for the government and government officials, that the laws would be changed and Sharia Law abolished. We need to pray that in spite of the persecution, that the gospel would be spread and lives would be turned to Christ.

Although the live event has passed, you can still find more information at and and you can even watch last night’s simulcast along with past years’ events. There is also a link you can follow to give an offering which will help fund training for Missionaries, produce copies of the Word in their native languages, and much more (more information can be found on the site). Next year’s event has been currently set for April 26th 2019. I encourage you to look into it and be in prayer for not only Malaysia, but the other countries in the world where persecution is a reality.

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