Sadie: An Amish Retelling of Snow White (An Amish Fairytale #3)

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Title: Sadie: An Amish Retelling of Snow White
Author: Sarah Price
Series: Amish Fairytale
Genre: Christian Fiction
Publishing Date: September 25, 2018

About the Book:

arah Price delivers a delightful retelling of a beloved classic, featuring a young Amish woman who turns to faith as her guide even in the darkest times . . .

Sadie Whitaker is determined to be a good daughter, but her stepmother, Rachel, has made no secret of her overwhelming jealousy–or her desire to get Sadie out of her life. Rachel’s latest plot involves marrying Sadie off to a widower in need of a mother for his unruly children–and she has convinced Sadie’s beloved father to agree.

Left with no choice, Sadie flees her small Amish hometown of Echo Creek. Planning to hide in a nearby forest, she stumbles across a house that belongs to the seven Glick brothers. All outcasts from the Old Order community of Echo Creek, they generously agree to let her stay–and for the first time in ages, Sadie feels safe and needed, keeping house for them as any good Amish woman would do. Until, that is, the Glicks’ handsome cousin comes to visit. For though he awakens her heart’s desire, she can’t risk revealing her true identity, until love and faith give her the courage to take a chance on happiness. . .

My Review:

I absolutely love this series! I still haven’t read the first (Belle’s story), but I definitely have it on my TBR pile. Sarah Price seamlessly weaves each of the girls’ stories together through their friendships. While this is the third book in the series, it could easily be read as a stand-alone or simply out of order without difficulty. The characters from the other stories are present in the book, but only enough is revealed about them to peak your interest. The timing of their stories overlap instead of happening one after the other and I’m really impressed with how the author was able to make them flow together.

While I grew up on Disney movies and love a good fairytale, I must admit that I’m also a realist when it comes to stories. My favorite movie of all time is Ever After, which is a version of the Cinderella story that would actually have been possible. I love this series because while each of the stories have similarities to the Disney fairytales, they are unique in ways that make them seem actually plausible.

One thing I found interesting in this story, is that the author makes the “evil stepmother” from the original Snow White story more human and relatable. She is dealing with real-life, tough, emotional battles. In her mid-thirties and unable to conceive a child, her heart is broken. It doesn’t excuse her behavior, but it at least creates a level of sympathy for her. I am also in my thirties now, and haven’t been able to conceive in the three years I’ve been married. It’s tough, and I confess that it’s easy to feel jealous of others when they announce their pregnancies. I smile for them on the outside, but on the inside I admit I’m hurting. Through most of the story I couldn’t bring myself to hate Rachel, even though it angered me how she treated Sadie. I hoped her story would turn around too and that she would be able to find her own happiness. It also made me think about how we look at others around us who may or may not be believers who are dealing with sin issues. Sometimes how we approach them and deal with them can make all the difference. Sometimes people push you away because they are afraid of what you will think if they let you in. Sometimes people walk around with a smile on their face when they really want to cry, simply because they’re afraid to talk about what’s troubling them. Everyone is facing battles in this life, and we should keep that in mind when approaching them.

I highly, highly recommend this series! I am absolutely loving it so far and can’t wait to see what the author comes up with next!

*I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. I was not required to give a positive review. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.

Rating: 5-Stars-300x57

Age Appropriateness/Content Warnings:

*PLEASE NOTE: This section may contain mild spoilers but I do my best to reveal the difficult and/or triggering content without giving away the story.

This is a series that I really don’t see any issues with for younger readers. It’s a Christian twist to a classic fairytale. This is one that I could easily recommend to those younger advanced readers. I would consider reading level more than the content. I would easily recommend as young as 10 or 11.

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