Alphabetic by Author

Aimee, Kayla- In Bloom: Trading Restless Insecurity for Abiding Confidence
Alcorn, Randy- hand in Hand
Alexander, Jack- The God Impulse
Alexander, Tamera- With This Pledge (Carnton #1)
Andrews, Mesu- Isaiah’s Daughter (Prophets and Kings #1)
Andrews, Mesu- Of Fire and Lions (Prophets & Kings #2)
Andrews, Mesu- Isaiah’s Legacy (Prophets and Kings #3)
Anyabwile, Thabti- Exalting Jesus in Luke (Christ-Centered Exposition)
Ashfar, Tessa- Bread of Angels
Ashfar, Tessa- Thief of Corinth
Ashfar, Tessa- Daughter of Rome
Austin, Lynn- All Things New
Austin, Lynn- If I Were You

Barnett, Karen- The Road to Paradise (Vintage National Parks #1)
Barratt, Amanda- My Dearest Dietrich
Barratt, Amanda- The White Rose Resists
Barratt,Amanda; Dicken, Angie; Meyer, Gabrielle; Woodhouse, Kimberley- The Heart’s Stronghold: 4 Historical Stories
Bartels, Erin- The Words Between Us
Bartz, Brooke- Chronic Love
Basham, Pepper- My Heart Belongs in the Blue Ridge (My Heart Belongs)
Beal, Patricia- A Season to Dance
Beal, Patricia- Desert Willow
Beller, Misty M- This Daring Journey (Heart of the Mountains #6)
Beller, Misty M- Hope’s Highest Mountain (Hearts of Montana #1)
Bergren, Lisa T.- Keturah (The Sugar Baron’s Daughters #1)
Bischof, Joanne- Sons of Blackbird Mountain (Blackbird Mountain #1)
Bischof, Joanne- Daughters of Northern Shores (Blackbird Mountain #2)
Blackstock, Terri- Covenant Child
Blackstock, Terri- If I Run (If I Run Book 1)
Blackstock, Terri- If I’m Found (If I Run Book 2)
Blackstock, Terri- If I Live (If I Run Book 3)
Blackstock, Terri- Restoration Series
Blackstock, Terri- Smoke Screen
Boyd, Andrea; Shiloh, Toni; Mikal Dawn, Strong, Angela Ruth; Weaver, Jaycee- Once Upon a Christmas
Bradford, Laura- Piece by Piece
Braun, Susan Barnett- I Love to Tell the Story
Bronte, Charlotte- Jane Eyre
Brown, Carole- The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman
Brown, Dr Chris- Child of Grace: A Death Row Story
Brunstetter, Wanda, Jean & Richelle- The Brides of Big Valley
Brunstetter, Wanda E- The Hope Jar (The Prayer Jars #1)
Brunstetter, Wanda E- The Forgiving Jar (The Prayer Jars #2)
Brunstetter, Wanda E- The Healing Jar (The Prayer Jars #3)

Cambron, Kristy- The Butterfly and the Violin (Hidden Masterpiece #1)
Cambron, Kristy- A Sparrow in Terezin (Hidden Masterpiece #2)
Cambron, Kristy- The Lost Castle (The Lost Castle #1)
Cambron, Kristy- Castle on the Rise (The Lost Castle #2)
Cambron, Kristy- The Painted Castle (The Lost Castle #3)
Campbell, Melanie- One Woman Falling
Carlson, Lindsey- Growing in Godliness: A Teen Girl’s Guide to Maturing in Christ
Carlson, Melody- Gone Too Soon
Chiavaroli, Heidi- Edge of Mercy
Chiavaroli, Heidi- Freedom’s Ring
Chiavaroli, Heidi- The Hidden Side
Chiavaroli, Heidi- The Tea Chest
Chrystal, Dan- The Lost Art of Relationship
Ciesielski, J’Nell- The Songbird and the Spy
Clark, Kristen (& Baird, Bethany)- Girl Defined: God’s Radical Design for Beauty, Femininity, and Identity
Clipston, Amy- A Seat by the Hearth (Amish Homestead #3)
Clipston, Amy- A Welcome at Our Door (Amish Homestead #4)
Coble, Colleen- Freedom’s Light
Coble, Colleen- One Little Lie (Pelican Harbor #1)
Coble, Colleen- Strands of Truth
Conklin, Tara- The House Girl
Connealy, Mary- Aiming For Love (Brides of Hope Mountain #1)
Cook, Alison, PhD & Miller, Kimbery, MTh LMFT- Boundaries for Your Soul
Cossette, Connilyn- A Light on the Hill (Cities of Refuge #1)
Cossette, Connilyn- Shelter of the Most High (Cities of Refuge #2)
Cossette, Connilyn- Until the Mountains Fall (Cities of Refuge #3)
Cossette, Connilyn- Like Flames in the Night (Cities of Refuge #4)
Crabb, Dr Larry- When God’s Ways Make No Sense
Craver, Diane- Priscilla’s Escape
Currie, Hannah- Heart of a Royal (Daughters of Peverell #1)

Daniels, Georgiana- Shadows of Hope
Davis, Linda Brooks- The Mending of Lillian Cathleen
Davison, Sara- Vigilant (The Night Guardians #1)
Dawn, Mikal- Count Me In (An Emerald City Romance #1)
Dees, Stephanie- The Marriage Bargain- Review and Giveaway
Deese, Nicole- Before I Called You Mine
Denly, Kathleen- Waltz in the Wilderness
DiBianca, Kay- The Watch on the Fencepost
Dickerson, Melanie- The Healer’s Apprentice (Hagenheim 1)
Dickson, Shirley- The Orphan Sisters
Dietze, Susanne- The Blizzard Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower #11)
Dillon, Christine- Grace in Strange Disguise (Grace #1)
Dillon, Christine- Grace in the Shadows (Grace #2)
Dingman, Laura- I Am Found
Dobson, Melanie- Catching the Wind
Dobson, Melanie- Chateau of Secrets
Dobson, Melanie- Hidden Among the Stars
Dobson, Melanie- Memories of Glass
Drexler, Jan- The Sound of Distant Thunder (The Amish of Weaver’s Creek #1)
Duffy, Kimberly- A Mosaic of Wings
Dykes, Amanda- Whose Waves These Are (Whose Waves These Are #1)
Dylan, Rachel- Lone Witness (Atlanta Justice #2)
Dylan, Rachel- Breach of Trust (Atlanta Justice #3)
Dylan, Rachel- End Game (Capital Intrigue #1)

Eide, Camille- Wings Like a Dove
Ella, Sara- Coral
Ella, Sara- Unblemished (Unblemished #1)
Ella, Sara- Unraveling (Unblemished #2)
Ella, Sara- Unbreakable (Unblemished #3)
Escobar, Mario- Auschwitz Lullaby
Evans, Anne Garboczi- For Life or Until (Love & Warfare #1)
Evans, Anne Garboczi- Veiled By Privilege (Radical Book 1)
Evans, Anne Garboczi- Veiled by Coercion (Radical #2)
Evans, Anne Garboczi- Veiled by Choice (Radical #3)

Fata, Naomi-Beyond Head Knowledge
Felkins, Mary A- Call to Love
Ferguson, Janet- The Art of Rivers (Coastal Hearts #3)
Ferguson, Melissa- The Dating Charade
Finkbeiner, Susie
Fisher, Suzanne Woods- Mending Fences (The Deacon’s Family #1)
Fisher, Suzanne Woods- Stitches in Time (The Deacon’s Family #2)
Fordham, Rachel- The Hope of Azure Springs
Fordham, Rachel- A Life Once Dreamed
Fordham, Rachel- Yours Truly, Thomas
Franz, Laura- A Bound Heart
Fuller, Kathleen- The Teacher’s Bride (Amish Brides of Birch Creek #1)

Gabhart, Ann H- The Refuge
Gabhart, Ann H- River to Redemption
Ganshert, Katie- Life After
Ganshert, Katie- No One Ever Asked
Garcia, Allison K- Vivir el Dream
Getty, Keith & Kristyn- Sing!: How Worship Transforms Your Life, Family, and Church
Gilbert, Greg- Assured: Discover Grace, Let Go of Guilt, and Rest in Your Salvation
Goddard, Elizabeth- Never Let Go (Uncommon Justice #1)
Gohlke, Cathy- The Medallion
Good, Rachel J- The Amish Midwife’s Secret (Love and Promises #2)
Good, Rachel J- The Amish Widow’s Rescue (Love and Promises #3)
Goodrich, Luke- Free to Believe: The Battle Over Religious Liberty in America
Goshorn, Kelly- A Love Restored
Green, Jocelyn- A Refuge Assured
Green, Jocelyn- Between Two Shores
Green, Jocelyn- Widow of Gettysburg (Heroines Behind the Lines: Civil War #2)
Green, Jocelyn- Veiled in Smoke (The Windy City Saga #1)
Greenman, Marta E- ACTs420NOW
Griep, Michelle- The Captured Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower Book 3)
Gustafson, Eleanor K- An Unpresentable Glory

Ham, Ken- Gospel Reset: Salvation Made Relevant
Hannah, Kristin- The Great Alone
Hannah, Kristin- The Nightingale
Hannah, Kristin- Night Road
Hannah, Kristin- Winter Garden
Hannon, Irene- Dangerous Illusions (Code of Honor #1)
Hannon, Irene- Hidden Peril (Code of Honor #2)
Harmon, Amy- From Sand and Ash
Harrel, Kelly- The Deceived (Once Lost #1)
Harrel, Lindsay- The Joy of Falling
Harrel, Lindsay- The Secrets of Paper and Ink
Hauck, Rachel- The Fifth Avenue Story Society
Hauck, Rachel- The Memory House
Hauck, Rachel- Once Upon A Prince (Royal Wedding #1)
Hauck, Rachel- Princess Ever After (Royal Wedding #2)
Havig, Chautona- Dead Letter (Meddlin’ Madeline #4)
Havig, Chautona- 30 Days Hath…
Hedlund, Jody- A Reluctant Bride (The Bride Ships #1)
Hedlund, Jody- The Runaway Bride (The Bride Ships #2)
Hedlund, Jody- A Bride of Convenience (The Bride Ships #3)
Hedlund, Jody- Almost a Bride (The Bride Ships #4)
Hedlund, Jody- An Awakened Heart (Orphan Train #0.5)
Hedlund, Jody- With You Always (Orphan Train #1)
Hedlund, Jody- Together Forever (Orphan Train #2)
Hedlund, Jody- Searching for You (Orphan Train #3)
Heffelfinger, Curtis- The Peacemaking Church
Helm, Robin- A Very Austin Valentine
Henderson, Dee & Pettrey, Dani & Eason, Lynette- Cost of Betrayal
Higgins, Patrick- CHAOS In the Blink of an Eye
Hill, Kathy Chapple- Horseshoe Magnet: My Personal Journey to Recovery
Hillman, Pam- The Road to Magnolia Glen (Natchez Trace #2)
Hitchcock, Grace- White City (True Colors)
Hitchcock, Grace- The Gray Chamber (True Colors)
Hogan, Erica Marie- Dance of Shadows (Winter Queen #2)
Holder, Gina- No Greater Love (Shadows over Whitman #1)
Hrichi, Shadia- Hagar: Rediscovering the God Who Sees Me
Hughes, Robert B- 1 Corinthians (Everyday Bible Commentary)
Hunt, Angela- King’s Shadow: A Novel of King Herod’s Court (The Silent Years #4)

Irvin, Kelly- Over the Line
Irvin, Kelly- Tell Her No Lies
Israel, Aleigha C- A Higher Ransom (A Light for Christ #1)
Israel, Aleigha C- A Dim Reflection (A Light for Christ Collection #2)
Israel, Aleigha C- A Marvelous Redeemer (A Light for Christ #3)

Jackson, E C- A Living Hope
Johns, Elizabeth- Through the Fire (A Series of Elements #1)
Johnson, Jen Geigle- A Lady’s Maid
Johnson, Liz- A Sparkle of Silver (Georgia Coast Romance #1)
Johnson, Liz- A Glitter of Gold (Georgia Coast Romance #2)
Johnson, Liz- A Dazzle of Diamonds (Georgia Coast Romance #3)
Jones, Katherine Scott- Shadow Sister

Keels, Nadine C- Yella’s Prayers
Keenum, Case- Playing for More
Kendig, Ronie- Storm Rising (Book of the Wars #1)
Kiernan, Stephen P- The Baker’s Secret
Kirkpatrick, Jane- Everything She Didn’t Say
Koceich, Matt- Imagine… The Fall of Jericho (Imagine #3)
Kohler, Lill- Wrong Way Out (The Way Out #2)
Koziarz, Nicki- Why Her?

Ladd, Sarah E- The Governess of Penwythe Hall (Cornwall #1)
Lamb, Fay- Delilah (Ties that Bind #4)
Lewis, Beverly- The Road Home
Lewis, Beverly- The Thorn (Rose Trilogy 1)
Lewis, Beverly- The Judgment (Rose Trilogy Book 2)
Lewis, Beverly- The Mercy (Rose Trilogy Book 3)
Linden, Rachel- The Enlightenment of Bees
Lindsey, Beckie- Secrets (Beauty From Ashes #1)
Lindsey, Beckie- Uninvited (Beauty From Ashes #2)
Longman, Tremper- Confronting Old Testament Controversies
Lowe, T I- LuLu’s Cafe
Lutzer, Erwin L- The Church in Babylon

MacLaren, Sharlene- A Love to Behold
Maher, Kathleen L- The Abolitionist’s Daughter (Sons of the Shenandoah)
Martin, Charles- The Mountain Between us
Matchett, Linda Shenton- Love’s Rescue
Mayer, Lisa- The Arrow Bringer (The Aletheian Journeys #1)
McAdoo, Carol- Uniquely Common (Lockets and Lace #12)
McAdoo, Carol- Hannah Claire’s Wilderness (The Revivalist Trilogy #2)
McGee, Stephenia H- Eternity Between Us
McGee, Stephenia H- Her Place in Time
McGee, Stephenia H- The Whistle Walk (Ironwood Plantation Family #1)
McGee, Stephenia H- Heir of Hope (Ironwood Plantation Family #2)
McGee, Stephenia H- Missing Mercy (Ironwood Plantation Family #3)
McGee, Stephenia H- The Liberator Series
McLeod, Carol- Storm Proof
McMorris, Kristina- Sold on a Monday
McNear, Shannon- The Cumberland Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower #5)
McNear Shannone- The Rebel Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower #10)
Mehl, Nancy- Mind Games (Kaely Quinn Profiler #1)
Mentink, Dana- Danger on the Ranch
Meyer, Ruth- Stand Alone (Sola #4)
Millard, Bart (With Noland, Robert)- I Can Only Imagine
Miller, Carolyn- Misleading Miss Verity (Regency Brides: Daughters of Aynsley #3)
Moore, Heather B- Where I Belong (Pine Valley #2)
Moore, Heather B- Say You Love Me (Pine Valley #3)
Moreland, JP- Scientism and Secularism
Myer, T H- A Life of Creative Purpose

Nelson, Christina Suzann- More Than We Remember
Nelson, Christina Suzann- Swimming in the Deep End
Netherton, Dena- Haven’s Fire (The Hunted #3)
Noelle, Jo- P.S. I Love You (A Twickenham Time Travel Romance)


Palacio, RJ- Wonder
Palmer, V Joy- Weddings, Willows, and Revised Expectations
Parks, Carrie Stuart- Fragments of Fear
Patchen, Robin- Beauty in Flight (Beauty in Flight #1)
Patchen, Robin- Beauty In Hiding (Beauty in Flight #2)
Patchen, Robin- Beauty in Battle (Beauty in Flight #3)
Pearson, Robin W- A Long Time Comin’
Perry, Amber Lynn- So Bright a Hope (Daughters of His Kingdom #5)
Petersheim, Jolina- How the Light Gets In
Peterson, Tracie- When You Are Near (Brookstone Brides #1)
Peterson, Tracie- Treasured Grace (Heart of the Frontier #1)
Peterson, Tracie- Beloved Hope (Heart of the Frontier #2)
Peterson, Tracie- Cherished Mercy (Heart of the Frontier #3)
Peterson, Tracie- Secrets of My Heart (Willamette Brides #1)
Peterson, Tracie- The Way of Love (Willamette Brides #2)
Peterson, Tracie & Woodhouse, Kimberley- In the Shadow of Denali (The Heart of Alaska #1)
Peterson, Tracie & Woodhouse, Kimberley- Out of the Ashes (The Heart of Alaska #2)
Peterson, Tracie & Woodhouse, Kimberley- Under the Midnight Sun (The Heart of Alaska #3)
Peterson, Tracie & Woodhouse, Kimberley- Forever Hidden (The Treasures of Nome #1)

Pettrey, Dani- Cold Shot (Chesapeake Valor, #1)
Pettrey, Dani- Still Life (Chesapeake Valor #2)
Pettrey, Dani- Blind Spot (Chesapeake Valor #3)
Pettrey, Dani- Dead Drift (Chesapeake Valor #4)
Pettrey, Dani- The Killing Tide (Coastal Guardians #1)
Platt, David- Something Needs to Change
Pokluda, Jonathan- Welcome to Adulting
Politano, Joanna Davidson- A Rumored Fortune
Popkin, Shannon- Comparison Girl
Powers, Leigh- Renewed
Poythress, Vern S- Interpreting Eden
Price, Sarah- Ella: An Amish Retelling of Cinderella (An Amish Fairytale #2)
Price, Sarah- Sadie: An Amish Retelling of Snow White (An Amish Fairytale #3)


Rawlings, David- The Baggage Handler
Rawlings, David- The Camera Never Lies
Reay, Katherine- Of Literature and Lattes
Reay, Katherine- The Printed Letter Bookshop
Rivers, Francine- The Masterpiece
Rivers, Francine- Redeeming Love
Robinson, Rhonda- FreeFall
Rodewald, Jennifer (aka J Rodes)- Emerald Illusion
Rosche, Janine- This Wandering Heart
Roose, Barb- Winning the Worry Battle: Life Lessons from the Book of Joshua
Rowley, Deborah- The Traveler and the Heavy Burden

Sawyer, Kim Vogel- A home in Drayton Valley
Sawyer, Kim Vogel- My Heart Remembers (My Heart Remembers #1)
Shackelford, Sherri- No Safe Place
Shaler, Dr Laurel- Reclaiming Sanity
Shiloh, Toni- Finally Accepted (Freedom Lake #3)
Sleeman, Susan- Seconds to Live (Homeland Heroes #1)
Smith, Ida- The Invisible Cipher (A Neil Gatlin Thriller Book 1)
Smith, Jill Eileen- Star of Persia: Esther’s Story
Sorrells, Amy K- Before I Saw You
Spooner, Wendy Wilson- Once Upon an Irish Summer
Sproles, Cindy K- What Momma Left Behind
Stephens, Naomi- Shadow Among Sheaves
Strong, Kristen- Back Roads to Belonging

Taylor, Diana Wallis- Hadassah
Tebow, Tim- This is the Day
Tenney, Tommy- One Night with the King
TerKeurst, Lysa- Uninvited
Terry, Alana- Frost Heaves
Terry, Alana- Identity Theft (Alaskan Refuge)
Terry, Alana- Termination Dust (Alaskan Refuge)
Thomas, MJ- The Beginning (The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls #1)
Thrasher, Travis- American Omens
Thrasher, Travis- Indivisible
Threadgill, Tom- Collision of Lies
Thune, Robert  & Will Walker- The Gospel-Centered Life for Teens
Tolsma, Liz- When the Heart Sings (Music of Hope #2)
Tolsma, Liz- The Pink Bonnet (True Colors)
Trumbo, Kari- Teach Me to Love (Brothers of Belle Fourche #1)
Trumbo, Kari- What the Heart Holds (Brothers of Belle Fourche #2)
Trumbo, Kari- Deep Longing of the Soul (Brothers of Belle Fourche #3)
Trumbo, Kari- Love in Lead (Seven Brides of South Dakota #3)
Turano, Jen- Flights of Fancy (American Heiresses #1)
Turano, Jen- Diamond in the Rough (American Heiresses #2)
Turansky, Carrie- No Ocean Too Wide (McAlister Family #1)
Turner, Bethany- Hadley Beckett’s Next Dish
Turner, Bethany- The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck
Turner, Bethany- Wooing Cadie McCaffrey
Tyndale, MaryLu- The Liberty Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower #6)


Vogt, Beth K- Things I Never Told You (Thatcher Sisters #1)
Vogt, Beth K- Moments We Forget (Thatcher Sisters #2)

Walsh, Courtney- Things Left Unsaid
Walsh, Sheila- It’s Okay Not to Be Okay
Walters, Natalie- Living Lies (Harbored Secrets #1)
Walters, Natalie- Deadly Deceit (Harbored Secrets #2)
Walters, Natalie- Silent Shadows (Harbored Secrets #3)
Wardwell, Melissa- I Know the Plans (Promises From Above #3)
Warren, Susan May- Tate (The Montana Marshalls #2)
Waters, Rebecca- Breathing on Her Own
Watson, Lynn U- The Essence of Humility (Cinnamah-Brosia’s Inspirational Collection for Women, #3)
Weins, Mary- Letter from Paul
Welborn, Gina & Whitham, Becca-The Kitchen Marriage (Montana Brides #2)
Welborn, Gina & Whitham, Becca- Anywhere with You (Montana Brides #5)
Welborn, Gina & Whitham, Becca- The Telegraph Proposal (Montana Brides #3)
West, Catherine- Where Hope Begins
White, C.E- The Worlds Next Door
White, Roseanna M- The Number of Love (Codebreakers #1)
White, Roseanna M- An Hour Unspent (Shadows Over England #3)
Whitham, Becca- The Gift of the Matchmaker
Whitlow, Robert- Chosen People
Wingate, Lisa- Before We Were Yours
Wingate, Lisa- The Book of Lost Friends
Witemeyer, Karen- No Other Will Do (Ladies of Harper’s Station #1)
Witemeyer, Karen- More Than Meets the Eye (Patchwork Family #1)
Witemeyer, Karen- More Than Words Can Say (Patchwork Family #2)
Woodhouse, Kimberley- The Mayflower Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower #1)
Woodhouse, Kimberley- The Patriot Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower #4)
Woodhouse, Kimberley- The Golden Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower #8)
Woodhouse, Kimberley- The Express Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower #9)
Woodhouse, Kimberley & Kayla- No Safe Haven (Land of the Midnight Sun #1)
Woodhouse, Kimberley & Kayla- Race Against Time (Land of the Midnight Sun #2)
Woodhouse, Kimberley- MissTaken Identity (The MissAdventure Brides)
Woodhouse, Kimberley; Lee, Debby; McMurray, Jacquolyn; Panzera, Darlene- Sew in Love: 4 Historical Stories of Love Stitched into Broken Lives
Wright, Jaime Jo- The Curse of Misty Wayfair
Wright, Jaime Jo- Echoes Among the Stones
Wright, Jaime Jo- The House on Foster Hill
Wright, Jaime Jo- The Reckoning at Gossamer Pond
Wytsma, Ken & AJ Swoboda- Redeeming How We Talk


Y’Barbo, Kathleen- The Pirate Bride (Daughters of the Mayflower Book 2)
Y’Barbo, Kathleen- The Chisholm Trail Bride (The Daughters of the Mayflower #12)
Younts, Elizabeth Byler- The Bright Unknown
Younts, Elizabeth Byler- Promise to Return (The Promise of Sunrise #1)
Younts, Elizabeth Byler- Promise to Cherish (The Promise of Sunrise #2)
Younts, Elizabeth Byler- Promise to Keep (The Promise of Sunrise #3)
Younts, Elizabeth Byler- The Solace of Water
Yttrup, Ginny L- Convergence
Yttrup, Ginny L- Words