Reading Recap April 2020

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Anyone else in the book funk? April was rough, let’s just say that. At the beginning of all this quarantining I was devouring books. I also started taking more time to work on writing. Now I’m struggling with the ability to focus on anything. Hopefully it’s just a phase and I can get back in the swing of things soon. It’s not to say I didn’t love any of the books I read this month, just that my reading was a lot slower.

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before-i-called-you-mine978-0785230007_the-joy-of-fallingonce-upon-an-irish-summeresmes-wishRivet Your Readers with Deep Point of Viewthe-secret-life-of-sarah-hollenbeckWriting Deep Viewpoint9781400310142_88feaa-mosaic-of-wings

How is your reading going right now? Did you have a productive reading month? Any favorites?

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4 responses to “Reading Recap April 2020

  1. I get you!! I thought having more time at home would automatically equal more reading and reviewing time. I’m keeping my head above water, but not doing better than if I were working 8 hrs a day. I read someone else who said to give yourself grace if you don’t accomplish as much as you think you should. We are all dealing with this the best we can. Hang on to your faith, hang on to your loved ones, we will get to the other side with His help.

  2. Ellie

    At the beginning of all of this and at the beginning of the lockdown, I was very distracted, devouring the news, and not reading much. Now I’m in the swing of things with the new normal and am reading more than before this all started. I’m hoping to make a serious dent in my TBR list! I hope you get your concentration back soon. 🙂 I also read Before I Called You Mine last month and thought it was fabulous!

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