One Little Lie (Pelican Harbor #1)

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Title: One Little Lie (Pelican Harbor #1)

Author: Colleen Coble

Genre: Suspense

Publishing Date: March 3, 2020

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Length: 352 Pages

About the Book:

It started with one little lie. But Jane Hardy will do everything in her power to uncover the truth. 

Book one in a gripping new series from USA TODAY bestselling romantic suspense author Colleen Coble.

When Jane Hardy is appointed interim sheriff in Pelican Harbor, Alabama, after her father retires, there’s no time for an adjustment period. He is arrested for theft and then implicated in a recent murder, and Jane quickly realizes she’s facing someone out to destroy her father.

They escaped from a cult fifteen years ago, and Jane has searched relentlessly for her mother—who refused to leave—ever since. Could someone from that horrible past have found them?

Reid Bechtol is a well-known journalist who makes documentaries, and his sights are currently set on covering Jane’s career. Jane has little interest in the attention, but the committee who appointed her loves the idea of the publicity.

Jane finds herself depending on Reid’s calm manner as he follows her around taping his documentary, and they begin working together to clear her father. But Reid has his own secrets from the past, and the gulf between them may be impossible to cross.

It started with one little lie. But Jane Hardy will do everything in her power to uncover the truth.

My Review:

Oh goodness, I do believe I might have just found my new favorite read by Colleen Coble! It’s going to be a long wait for book two (or at least it will feel like it haha). Honestly, this book had me by the backstory. I couldn’t wait to dive into it.

It’s a lot harder to write a review than I thought it was going to be. Without sharing anything specific to prevent spoilers, there was a good blend of clues you could figure out earlier on and others that shocked you. But even for the details I did figure out, I was still left curious as to how they would be revealed to the characters.

One character who greatly intrigued me in this one was Reid. I know this wasn’t his story, but oh, how I wish I could have seen more inside his head. In some ways his past and his view of it were revealed to us, but in others he still feels like a mystery.  I have a feeling we’ll get more of his backstory in the next book of the series.

I seriously cannot wait to continue with this series. I want more. I need more. I’m not ready to let these characters go. I highly, highly recommend this read to suspense and crime fiction fans.

*I received a copy of this book through JustRead Tours. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.

Rating: 5-Stars-300x57


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