On the Cliffs of Foxglove Manor

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My Review:

Another wonderful daylight read by Jaime Jo Wright! Haha, okay I joke but truthfully yes, her books ARE safer read in the daylight hours. I love that even though the book itself kept me on my toes (and peeking behind my shoulder), I knew that the ending wouldn’t sway from Christian beliefs. I have read all of her releases so far and have come to trust her writing enough to know her boundaries as an author. That doesn’t mean I don’t get spooked as I read though… because as the stories unfold imaginations go wild.

Jaime Jo Wright is a master when it comes to the mystery in her books. The further I got into this one the more I was desperate for answers. No, I won’t spoil anything here, but we’ll just say the author’s ability to be unpredictable is unmatchable.

This was such a unique story with several twists and turns that had my curiosity tweaked. It was easy to pick up but not so easy to set down. The author has an incredible ability to write in such a way that you are sucked right into the heart of the story and the heads of the characters. Not only do you see what they see and smell what they smell, but you can also feel what they feel. It’s as if their stories become your stories. It felt as if my heart were stolen from my chest and not returned until after I’d closed the back cover. After I finished reading I handed the book off to a friend and she devoured it in just a few days herself. Another great read I highly, highly recommend!


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