No Safe Haven (Land of the Midnight Sun #1)

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Title: No Safe Haven (Land of the Midnight Sun #1)

Author: Kimberley & Kayla Woodhouse

Genre: Suspense

Publishing Date: Mar 15, 2011

Length: 352 Pages

About the Book:

Jenna and Andi Tikaani-Gray are hoping for a fresh start. Though twelve year-old Andi has long struggled with a rare medical disorder, she and her mother have finally received good news from out-of-town specialists. It’s news they desperately needed, especially after the recent death of Jenna’s husband (Andi’s dad) in a car accident.

But as they are flying home to Alaska, ready to begin again, the unthinkable happens. The pilot sabotages their small plane and crashes into Sultana, one of the most remote and dangerous mountains in the Land of the Midnight Sun. Even worse, a winter storm is headed their way along with someone who doesn’t want to save them, but to kill them.

Only one man can keep them alive: Cole Maddox, the mysterious last-minute passenger who joined them on their flight. But trust doesn’t come easy to Jenna or Andi, and they both sense Cole is hiding something.

A relentless tale of survival and suspense unfolds, involving military technology designed by Jenna’s late husband that some would do anything to possess.

My Review:

Whew! Allow me a moment to get my blood pressure down a little 😉 From cover to cover this book was a page-turner fully loaded with twists and turns.

If I didn’t already know that this was written by a mother-daugther duo with the daughter only being 12 I never would have guessed it. There is actually quite a bit of their real lives weaved into the characters’ pasts. After they were on the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Kimberley Woodhouse published the book Welcome Home: Our Family’s Journey to Extreme Joy where she shared much of their family’s journey both leading up to and following Kayla’s rare diagnoses. Some of the memories shared in it also found their way into this story. So while the plane crash and Jenna’s husband Marc were fully fictionalized, Andie’s medical condition and history are very true to Kayla’s life. The fact that at only 12 years old Kayla was able to write and express herself in such a way is truly remarkable.

With something new hitting the characters around every corner, this book easily kept the pages turning. I would not have wanted to find myself anywhere near the situations they found themselves stuck in. The suspense was palpable and the action explosive.

As with other novels written by Kimberley Woodhouse there is a strong faith element woven in. Throughout their journey you see both Jenna and Andie both relying on God and sharing Christ with others around them. It’s evident that their hope is to point the reader to Christ as well.

I really enjoyed this one and can’t wait to read the next in the series. Definite two thumbs up!

Rating: 5-Stars-300x57


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