NIV Starting Place Study Bible

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Discover how to spend time in God’s Word and get something out of it for yourself with the Starting Place Study Bible. Sometimes the hardest part of beginning is knowing where to start. The NIV Starting Place Study Bible guides you through Scripture, so you can understand God’s love for you and find guidance in His Word.


  • 88 Bible Character Profiles
  • 282 Q&A’s: Get answers to your most perplexing questions
  • 146 Context Notes: In-depth articles on the cultural and historical context of Scripture
  • 138 Bible Truths: Core Christian beliefs and their basis in Scripture
  • Book Introductions
  • Over 6,000 Bottom of the page study notes explain the text, verse-by-verse
  • Exclusive NIV Zondervan Comfort Print. typeface

My Review:

Out of the box this is a very stunning looking Bible. I’m not typically a fan of bright yellow, but in this case the navy and yellow color scheme works very well together. There is one ribbon marker to help keep your place. I’m quite amazed with how comfortable (not too large) the Bible is in my hands with all of the content that has been added.

The added content is intentionally added throughout the text to help the reader understand more fully what they are reading. There is content that answers tough questions, describes historical backgrounds and archaeology, explains core beliefs, shares cross references, and much more. It is certainly not lacking in extra content. Especially for new believers, the Bible can be overwhelming, and this study Bible aims to help make it less intimidating and help them understand what they’re reading.

I had my husband take a look at this too and he was very intrigued with all of the added extras. He said one thing he really liked was found in Isaiah 53 where there was a table that shared each of the New Testament references that quoted the chapter. He pointed out a few other things after and said overall he thought it was a great study Bible.

This is a Bible I would easily recommend to new believers and those interested in help understanding the Bible more. I would also recommend it for students who are seeking deeper knowledge of the scriptures and understanding where they line up and/or conflict with what they may be being taught at school. I personally wouldn’t limit this to new believers. I think it’s worth a look for anyone who is looking for a lot of extra content to help them understand God’s Word more.

*I received a copy of this Bible through BookLook Bloggers. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.

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