Memorable Monday #93

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Happy Monday!

So this week I’m doing something TOTALLY different BUT it’s still memorable so we’re gonna go with it 😉 haha.  Today marks one year since the last CFRR retreat (which also happened to be my first). I know that I’ve been sappy and sentimental about it on numerous occasions already, (and maybe the current circumstances with quarantining have caused a bit more emotions), but it was seriously life-changing for me. There are people that I met a year ago today that are now some of my dearest friends. It’s a rare occasion that I don’t have some form of interaction between at least one of my CFRR buddies every single day.

I arrived in town the night before the main event and I was able to hang out with some blogger friends I already knew but was able to finally meet in person.  I walked in as a pretty new blogger and was surprised at the number of people who already knew who I was (by my blog name), and who I knew as well (by theirs). A few minutes after signing in I was shocked to hear that one of the authors that I was the most excited to meet was actually looking for me. I was introduced to tons of people (both readers and authors) and developed real, incredible relationships. The knowledge and help I walked away with that weekend was priceless. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t quite sure the impact that I could have as a blogger and reviewer. It was a unique experience to be able to hear from authors what helps the most, and get tips and advice from other bloggers. At first it was an odd concept to me to hear that we were in ministry together, but the more I’ve connected the more I get it. Christian Fiction done right, points both believers and unbelievers to Christ. It takes both those to write it, and those to share it.

CFRR was an incredible opportunity to fill a room of book lovers and give them the chance to connect. There was a mix of serious and thought-provoking chat, along with heavy doses of laughter–the cross-your-legs-ahh-I-can’t-breathe! type of laughter. Ever experience that? It’s great haha. I walked away with a full heart and countless fun memories. This is an event I will never forget <3

CFRR the main event may be retired now, but the family it created continues. I’m so grateful for the relationships that developed through this event, and it will forever hold a most special place in my heart. LOVE YA ALL MY CFRR BUDDIES!!! <3

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    • It was!! I dream someday it can reappear but thankfully there are more events like this now too. But there’s just somethin’ about them JustRead ladies 🥰

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