Memorable Monday #45

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Happy Monday! The purpose of memorable Monday is to showcase a book that you’ve read in the past and share how/why it has stuck with you.

This week I’m featuring:


Jodi Picoult is the queen of writing novels surrounding controversial topics. My Sister’s Keeper is no exception to this. In an age where people look to science to solve all of their problems, what is the cost of birthing a child with the primary focus of keeping another alive? Is that child then loved and cared for individually or is their life merely a steady stream of science experiments? This is a powerful read and one that poses some incredibly deep ethical questions. I highly recommend this one if you haven’t given it a look yet.

About the Book:

Anna is not sick, but she might as well be. By age thirteen, she has undergone countless surgeries, transfusions, and shots so that her older sister, Kate, can somehow fight the leukemia that has plagued her since childhood. The product of preimplantation genetic diagnosis, Anna was conceived as a bone marrow match for Kate — a life and a role that she has never challenged… until now. Like most teenagers, Anna is beginning to question who she truly is. But unlike most teenagers, she has always been defined in terms of her sister—and so Anna makes a decision that for most would be unthinkable, a decision that will tear her family apart and have perhaps fatal consequences for the sister she loves.

A provocative novel that raises some important ethical issues, My Sister’s Keeper is the story of one family’s struggle for survival at all human costs and a stunning parable for all time.

About the Author:Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult is the author of twenty-four novels, including the #1 New York Times bestsellers Small Great Things, Leaving Time, The Storyteller, Lone Wolf, Between the Lines, Sing You Home, House Rules, Handle with Care, Change of Heart, Nineteen Minutes, and My Sister’s Keeper. She lives in New Hampshire with her husband and three children.

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9 responses to “Memorable Monday #45

  1. I absolutely hated this book. The ending is such a cop-out by the author. I was so mad, I literally threw the book in the trash. LOL! To this day, I refuse to read another book by this author. I’m sure her other books are fine, but not for me.

    • lol I agree with you that I didn’t like the ending and this author can be known for writing endings you hate but I think at least part of that is strategic to keep you thinking about it and how much it matters. I can’t remember for sure but I think the movie also has alternate endings and neither is the same as the book

  2. I read this book and have to say, it was not an easy read, but why do I think it is more real than we can ever imagine on so many levels? She is a very gifted writer but they are not for me either.

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