ICB Golden Princess Sparkle Bible

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princess-bibleBible’s Description:
Show your little princess what it means to truly be a daughter of God with the beautiful Golden Rose Princess Bible. This full-text International Children’s Bible® (ICB) is written at a third-grade reading level, so it is the perfect first step for young readers ready to read and explore God’s Word on their own.

The ICB Golden Princess Sparkle Bible is a complete Bible in the easy-to-read ICB translation children can read and understand, and includes many special features to help encourage growth and study. Little girls will love to explore the fully illustrated Bible story pages tucked throughout the text, as well as the many key highlighted verses. This Bible also includes a dictionary and concordance, making it a wonderful tool for study.

The ICB Golden Princess Sparkle Bible comes with a dazzling cover with shimmering design and lots of sparkling glitter, all highlighting the beloved princess theme. You and your little princess will love the thirty-two pages of full color insert that dive deeper into some of the most beloved Bible stories!

Every little girl is a princess in God’s eyes, and this glittery Bible packed with great features is truly fit for royalty!

My Thoughts:
The hardcover ICB Golden Princess Sparkle Bible is very beautifully designed to appeal to little girls, complete with stars and glitter on the cover. The image makes the Bible appear more of a sunshine yellow, but in my hands I would say it looks more like a mustard yellow. It’s certainly appealing, and it has a nice soft finish where the glitter isn’t present.

The appeal for this book is intentionally the translation and the cover, along with some colorful illustrations sprinkled throughout. There was nothing added to the text for further study, however many key verses were highlighted (in light gray) to stick out for memorization. The ICB translation is written at a third-grade reading level so that it makes the Bible more understandable for kids. Although I’ve seen the ICB quoted in multiple picture books for kids, I’ve never looked at a complete Bible. In my opinion there are a lot of areas that it makes it easier for kids to understand, but there were also a few verses that I looked at where I really didn’t like the wording. For example, Proverbs 3:5-6 is written as: “Trust the Lord with all your heart. Don’t depend on your own understanding. Remember the Lord in everything you do. And he will give you success.” I feel that the end of the verse is worded in a dangerous way, pointing to the “health and wealth” mindset. God directing your steps in this life doesn’t mean you will succeed in everything you do.

I was surprised by the “flow” of this translation. I actually felt like it was more difficult to follow than the original translations. The sentences were over-simplified so that they felt too short, and the passages felt “choppy.” It definitely robs passages of their poetic nature.

I think this book would appeal to young girls, but I don’t think this would be my first choice of recommendation. I think it could be helpful when looking at individual passages where it could help make things easier to understand, but I also feel that the wording waters-down the Word too often in the attempts to simplify. I would rather recommend a kids’ Bible that has more notes to help them understand, than one that I’m not confident and comfortable with the translation. There are other translations out there that are easier to understand but more accurate. (I recommend looking into the NKJV Early Readers Bible).

*I received a free copy of this Bible from BookLook Bloggers. I was not required to give a positive review. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.

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