I Am Found: Quitting the Game of Hide and Seek with God and Others

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Title: I Am Found: Quitting the Game of Hide and Seek with God and Others

Author: Laura Dingman

Series: N/A

Genre: Women Bible Study/Spiritual Growth

Publishing Date: July 5, 2016

Media: Paperback, 208 pages

About the Book:

Are you tired of battling shame?
Long to be truly known and deeply loved?

Hesitant to show others the real you? 

We are all made for connection, but many of us live with walls up and hearts closed. What would it take for us to let go and stand tall and unashamed?

I Am Found guides us in just that. This six-week Bible study on shame and identity explores how we can own our stories, trust God’s affections, and relate honestly with Him and others.

Each week begins with biblical teaching and is followed by five days of guided reflection. Drenched in Scripture, and allowing plenty of space to journal and savor biblical truths, I Am Found welcomes you on a personal journey of transformation through God’s Word.

Laura Dingman invites you to build your life on a beautiful, liberating truth: Jesus loves us in our weakness, but He doesn’t leave us there.

My Review:

While this study can be done independently, I feel it’s a great study to go through with another friend or a small group. One of the things Satan likes to do is isolate believers so that he can trick them into thinking they are alone and leave them feeling defeated. The more he is able to cripple a believer, the better chance he has at preventing that believer from going out and proclaiming Christ. This study seeks to combat the lies of Satan with the truths found in God’s Word. It seeks to bring us out of hiding into real fellowship with our Heavenly father and other believers.

Did you ever play hide-and-seek as a kid? Do you remember the feeling of not wanting to be found, yet wanting to be found at the same time? Some of the pieces that Laura Dingman pulled directly from a simple child’s game are actually deep, thought-provoking concepts. She spoke simply yet profoundly to the reader, in a way that each individual is sure to gleam from.

While I think it’s important to not tell the whole world about each intimate detail in your life, it’s also important to not shell-up and isolate. Don’t allow Satan to get a foothold in your life. Don’t allow him to make you feel already defeated. Look to Christ and allow what he says about you to infiltrate your being and encompass who you are as a child of God. It’s easier said than done, but that’s why we are also given fellowship with one another. Small groups can be a positive outlet for building up and encouraging one another in the body. It’s a mighty feeling when you are able to realize that you are not alone. Don’t let Satan trick you into believing his lies. Look to your Heavenly Father where you will find your real worth and identity. This is a great study to help get you on the right path of thinking.

*I received a copy of this book from Mood Publishers. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.

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