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I started The Becca Files page in February of 2018 with the intent to share my thoughts and recommendations on the books I’m reading. While I would consider this a Christian blog, and almost all of the reviews are for Christian books, every now and then there are a few that may not fall under this category. Any books that wouldn’t, I label as “secular” in the genre field. If there is no such distinction, then you can assume it’s Christian. I generally try to make sure what I’m reading still falls under the “clean” label, but I make every attempt to warn if I think it may be otherwise. I read a lot of historical fiction and sometimes the content can be shocking even though it’s true (or at least based in truth).

Shortly after I started this page I joined a few of my blogging friends in sharing weekly messages from God’s Word entitled His Encouragement Thursday. This filled a hole I had quickly recognized. I felt convicted that even though I was sharing about Christian books, I wanted to be sharing about Jesus on a deeper level and on a regular basis. It’s been a real blessing to me both in reading my friends posts and also in my personal study.

Since I didn’t start blogging until 2018 but have read multiple other books throughout the years, I started hosting a weekly Memorable Monday post to highlight older noteworthy books that may not have a full review posted online. This has been a lot of fun so far, and is open to anyone else joining at any time.

Although my ability to accept depends on how full my review schedule is, I’m more than willing to take a look at any requests you may have for me to review. Feel free to contact me any time with suggestions or questions.

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