His Encouragement #85

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Sorry everyone, in a time when encouraging posts like this are even more needed, I’ve been dropping the ball. I will admit that this whole “quarantine life” has thrown me for a loop. My emotions feel like they’ve been on a rollercoaster ride in the dark and there’s been a lot of days that are just plain hard. The weather has not been very nice to us either which has kept me inside more often than is normal for this time to the year. And an odd thing to add to the list, is that I haven’t been reading very much because more days than not I struggle to have the ability to focus. Does it sound to you like I’m complaining? Yeah, me too. Sorry.

We destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God, and take every thought captive to obey Christ,

~ 2 Corinthians 4:5

Take every thought captive. If you read around this verse in the chapter (which I would encourage), you see that Paul is talking about us (believers) belonging to Christ, and that we have divine weapons to help fight the spiritual warfare. Verse 7 tells the believer to remind themselves that they are Christ’s. When we allow our thoughts and focus to dwell on the things of this world instead of the things of Christ, it has a heavy impact on us. Without getting political, as a body we should be focused on reaching others for Christ in a time when uncertainty reigns. We should be praying that God’s Word would be going out and not come back void. One statement I’ve seen floating around social media says “the church is not closed, it’s been deployed.” 91431247_10157466103082807_3547014817464188928_n

When I was praying about something to write about for this week, the song “The Heart of Worship” popped into my head very soon after. And it has blessed me and given me peace right now. There may be a lot going on in the world right now, but it hasn’t changed the fact that it’s still all about Jesus. We still need to live in the world and deal with the issues in it, but our focus needs to be on Jesus and not our circumstances. I am not coming at you this week under any condemnation if this is not your attitude right now. Honestly, as I write this post out I see that these are words I need to hear myself. If I feel down, I start to feel guilty about that and I retreat which doesn’t help anyone. Nothing I’m talking about this week is something that comes easy, but rather is something we should be reminding ourselves of and meditating on so that we can be more prepared when Satan attacks (because he will). Although unity and fellowship can be more difficult when we are physically separated from one another, our need for it hasn’t changed. We were never intended to thrive in isolation. But there are still ways that we can reach out to others right now and share Christ’s love. Remember: It’s all about Jesus <3


Now, it’s your turn!

What Biblical verse is encouraging you today?

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  1. Amen Becca! It is all about Jesus. I’m so sorry you’re struggling. It’s a frustrating time. But our focus must be on God. He’ll see us through! ❤

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