His Encouragement #83

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Hey y’all, how ya hangin’ in there? Are you still going out into the wild at all or currently locked in at home? My husband and I are both home now. Thankfully his work was able to get everyone to set up to work from home before they shut their building down last week. I was subbing in the schools so out of luck there, but I can still make T-shirts from home. Life feels a little crazy right now but we are making do.

Allow me to confess to you that I’ve kinda felt in the dumps through some of this because I’m an extrovert who really needs their social time. BUT last Sunday? Oh, let me tell you about last Sunday!

Did your church still have regular services last Sunday and/or did it broadcast online? Is this something new or normal? I know that for some churches (especially larger ones) it might not have been anything new to have their services somewhere online, but for many this was a brand new thing. But while it might be easy for us to focus on the sadness over not being able to go and see our friends at church, I couldn’t help but leap for joy in the spirit that God’s Word was being proclaimed all over Facebook and other social media platforms throughout the entire day! Y’all, I watched FOUR church services Sunday in THREE states without even having to get up from my comfy chair or change out of my pajamas! (Don’t judge haha). Church hopping sure got a whole new meaning last week! But just take a minute and think about it: with all of the fear and uncertainty that people are feeling right now, how many people clicked to watch one of those videos that wouldn’t normally go to church? How many people were willing to click to watch because it felt safer (yes, safer) than walking into a service? I’m not saying that these options haven’t existed at all for people before, but I’m saying that it became a whole lot easier for them last weekend. And I believe what God says in Isaiah 55:11:

so shall my word be that goes out from my mouth;
it shall not return to me empty,
but it shall accomplish that which I purpose,
and shall succeed in the thing for which I sent it.

~Isaiah 55:11

God’s Word was shared in a big way last weekend across our whole nation. It will not return void. My prayer through this time is that a great multitude of people would come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior; that the Great Commission would be fueled and evangelism would prosper. I have already seen a bus load of ways that people have banded together to help those in need in their communities. It’s amazing how something like this can open our eyes to the needs of others around us and how we can reach them both physically and spiritually.  It can be easy for us to focus on the things we are missing out on in this time, but what a blessing it can be to focus on the many ways God can work through it as well!

Now, it’s your turn!

What Biblical verse is encouraging you today?

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6 responses to “His Encouragement #83

  1. We are all healthfully sequestered at home. Both my husband and I are working from home. Our son is enjoying the last week of spring break (he got an extra week). We’ve played basketball in our driveway, and taken walks around our neighborhood. We attended church on Sabbath from home. Our son enjoyed a zoom sabbath school with lots of kids, hosted by the youth pastor. Then we joined our Pastor’s livestream church service after. In the afternoon, it was cold and raining, so we enjoyed listening to Bible stories, a little lego building, and took a little nap. It was a restful Sabbath.

  2. lmckeeediting

    We’re both working from home. We, too, watched church online in various states. So awesome that we live in an age where that’s possible.

    • I know right?! I’ll confess I’ve been one of those people who can complain that social media and the internet have turned people into zombies but at a time like this I think people are starting to see the importance of real interaction while appreciating the blessing of technology when we can’t

  3. We are all doing well at my house. My daughter is loving her quality time with me and Robert. We’re getting so much done around the house. And I’m reading like crazy. I know it’s crazy of me to say, but I’m loving the quality time with my family. As far as church goes, we always do church online. Our church is based out of Washington state. I love your perspective about how church was taking over the internet last weekend. God is good! ❤

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