His Encouragement #44

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his encouragement

Happy Thursday! I am blessed to be a part of a group of bloggers who feel led to share a bit of encouragement each week from the Bible. We recognize our daily need for Christ and we aim to share that with our readers. Plus, when Thursday comes around, we can all use a little encouragement right? I hope that this post blesses you and that you find comfort, strength, and peace in the Lord today ❤

This week it’s on my heart to share:

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

~1 Peter 5:6-7

This verse really speaks to my heart this morning. On a high note, yesterday I had my first ever blogiversary and broke my record for daily site visits. The Bad? While driving yesterday in freezing rain I slid on ice and was in an accident. Worse? It wasn’t even my car–it was my neighbor’s. Thankfully I wasn’t going very fast but the breaks were quite helpless and I had to make the decision to hit what I did or another car. Although the car needs repairs thankfully the “guts” of the car were all safe. The front bumper did it’s job and took a hit for the team.

So here’s the thing–I still don’t know how I was able to think instead of just panicking. Like I said, it was a good thing I was going slow or I’d be having a very different conversation right now. While I had a brief moment to make a decision, I didn’t have full control over the whole situation. It was a catch-22 decision either way. Of course, the car I almost hit kept going, but I was encouraged that 3 other cars stopped before help arrived to check that I was okay. Also, my neighbor was fully gracious and only concerned for me while I was worried about the car.

So here’s the deal… No matter what amount of control I thought I may or may not have had yesterday, God was still in full control of it all. While it hit me as a total surprise–God already knew it would happen. Yes, I was shaken up and angry with myself wishing there was a way to avoid it, but God was never absent from my situation. I fully believe He protected both me and whoever was in the other car from a far worse accident by helping me to think instead of panic. Coming from someone with anxiety known to panic–this was huge. Yes, I am feeling anxious about making everything right and whole again, but I am comforted that God is with me and will be with me through it all. This is all one more event to show just how dependent I am on God and how much I need to cling to Him for my peace. I am thankful for His protection from worse. I am casting my anxiety on Him and trusting that He is there for me and cares for me.

This week I’m sharing the song It Is Well mostly because the chorus is stuck in my head and I’m clinging to it’s truth. Feel free to take a moment to listen and I hope you have a blessed rest of the week!

Now, it’s your turn!

What Biblical verse is encouraging you today?

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4 responses to “His Encouragement #44

  1. Oh, Becca! I saw the photos of the accident on Facebook last evening. I am so very thankful that you were not seriously hurt!! I am sure that your nerves were on edge all evening, maybe even still today to some extent.
    This is such an encouraging verse today! Thank you for sharing it! <3

  2. I’m so glad you’re ok. I’m very encouraged by your positive attitude through all this … that you’re able to see that God’s in control no matter what. Very inspiring to me.

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