Heir of Hope (Ironwood Plantation Family #2)

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Title: Heir of Hope (Ironwood Plantation Family #2)

Author: Stephenia H McGee

Genre: Time Slip

Publishing Date: May 1, 2015

Length: 336 Pages

About the Book:

My dear one,
You come to me in my dreams and we talk of things that cannot be explained in this life. How we have been brought together is a great mystery, but I wish to someday see you again….

A Mississippi Plantation: 150 years after the Civil War nearly tore a nation asunder, the battle for freedom still rages in the heart of Ironwood’s newest mistress.

Emily Burns grew up an orphan, so she never expected to inherit a southern plantation. When she discovers an old diary hidden in the attic, her life becomes strangely entwined with her Civil War ancestor and she soon begins to wonder how a woman long dead can keep showing up in her dreams.

Torn between her strange desire to honor Lydia’s wishes and practicality, Emily cannot decide if she will keep Ironwood. Yet the house calls to her like a melancholy siren, and Emily cannot resist its tune. Resolving to stay only for a little while, and telling herself her decision has nothing at all to do with the handsome handyman helping with restorations, Emily begins to unravel the history of Ironwood – A tale of love and loss, hope and redemption. When the story seeps into her heart, Emily finds that two women separated by centuries can share the unique bonds of family ties, and that both her past and her future reside in the soul of Ironwood.

*Heir of Hope and The Whistle Walk tie together, but can be read in either order.

My Review:

On its own this was a solid read but immediately following The Whistle Walk  it was disappointing. This novel weaved in the story of Emily Burns and how she comes to know about the past of Ironwood, but the historical piece was all repeated from the first book in the series. I was really hoping to hear more about the characters instead of hearing their story over again. In my opinion I would suggest reading one or the other.  Not that I didn’t like Emily’s character in this one, but I personally got more out of Lydia and Ruth’s stories in The Whistle Walk so I would recommend that one over this.

To see my review for The Whistle Walk click HERE.

Rating: 3-Stars-300x57


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