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Hope and Anna love seeing each other at church. When a Sunday grace offering is collected to help lift up Anna’s homeless family, Hope begins to ask questions and has a unique opportunity to learn what grace looks like, both for her and for Anna’s immigrant family. This touching story teaches children that God showers grace that is meant to be shared—allowing us all to be GraceFull!

In this follow up to her first two books, ColorFull and ThoughtFull, Dorena Williamson opens a dialogue on the tough subjects of poverty and homelessness and offers children encouragement to show God’s grace and love to others whose home life or homeland might look very different than their own.

About the Author:img_2527

Dorena Williamson is a bridge builder, speaker, and writer who loves sharing God’s grace in stories for children. GraceFull draws inspiration from Strong Tower Bible Church, a multicultural faith community where she has served as first lady for twenty-two years. She and her husband, Dr. Chris, have four children.

My Review:

I’ve reviewed the other books in this series so I was very excited to see another one release! Teaching kindness and empathy to kids is incredibly vital it it’s to become a part of their character.

I live in an area that’s not quite the middle of nowhere but certainly far from being considered a city. To be honest I have close to no exposure to the homeless. Anytime a family from a church I’ve attended became “homeless” they were able to stay with other family or friends from church until they got back on their feet. But while this may not be relevant in the area I live, it’s still an important message to be shared with kids. It teaches them to not only be grateful for what they have themselves, but to graceful and giving to others. It’s a conversation starter for families, and depending on where you live it could spark a great family volunteer opportunity.

I recommend each of the books in this series and hope that the author continues to produce more. It’s always great when a children’s story is also able to teach them important life lessons.

*I received a copy of this book from B&H Kids Publishing. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.


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  1. This sounds like a wonderful series. I will have to see if I can buy them for my Sunday School children and the church library. Thanks for sharing them Becca.

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