Gospel Reset: Salvation Made Relevant

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Title: Gospel Reset: Salvation Made Relevant
Author: Ken Ham
Series: N/A
Genre: Christian Theology/Apologetics
Publishing Date: April 10, 2018

About the Book:

Hit the Mark with a Gospel Reset!

The culture has changed. Christian values, traditions, and terminologies that were once common knowledge have become a thing of the past. The typical Sunday morning call to salvation is sadly like listening to another language for many people today.

This book will help you understand how to effectively reach the lost with a message of salvation that actually makes sense.

My Review:

I am a huge fan of Ken Ham and Answers In Genesis. I recommend their site to almost everyone I know. It makes me so angry to know that Satan has infiltrated the schools and therefore modern culture, turning people from the truth of God’s Word. Children are no longer taught that they are the designed creation of a loving God and that sin is what separates us from Him. Instead, schools teach that they are the result of millions of years of random evolution and they deny the existence of God. They teach that different religions seek to give people “meaning” in life, but at the same point science is their god. Make no mistake: evolution is a RELIGION, and NOT based on scientific fact. It’s an unproven falsehood being preached to children in the public school systems. It’s both sad and infuriating at the same time.

One other review I saw for this book ripped it apart because of it mentioning that the world isn’t like it was in 1950. What Ken Ham was talking about was the fact that God hadn’t been fully kicked out of the schools at that point, and that when people said “God” or “sin,” they already had a foundation to know what was being talked about. Today, when someone says “God,” the response is “which one?” God’s power and authority has been attacked and shared with other false gods in today’s culture. In this book, Ken Ham says that we need to get back to recognizing the God of the Bible as the ONE TRUE GOD. There is no room for belief in evolution. If we are to understand the Bible as we should, we need to understand Genesis as it’s written and allow no room for undermining it’s truth. (Don’t worry, there’s PLENTY of scientific evidence! Check out Answers in Genesis for some more great resources). Unfortunately, Satan has led people in the world to believe that the battle is “science vs religion” in an attempt to discredit the Bible, but in truth the globe proclaims its creation by God.

A great quote about this is found on page 81:

“People understood right and wrong because there was an absolute authority–the Word of God. If people don’t build their thinking on God’s Word, there’s only one other foundation, and that’s man’s word. When there’s no absolute authority to declare what is absolutely right and wrong, we end up like ancient Israel during the time of Judges.”

The book then quotes Judges 21:25, which says “In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” So the point Ken is making is not necessarily that we need to go back to 1950, but that we need to return to seeing God as the ultimate authority that He is, or else the battle for what’s “right and wrong” can no longer be defended as it should.

When you have a generation that has been brainwashed into believing that evolution is fact instead of an unproven religion, you have to get them to understand the foundations of the world before they can understand their need for Jesus. If they don’t believe the world was created by God, then they don’t understand their need for Jesus. If we want people to believe the gospel, they have to understand where they came from and therefore why they need the gospel.

I can get very fired up on these topics. I grew up going to public school and remember being told that evolution was a fact (even though they weren’t technically allowed to call it such). Teachers would discredit Christianity by attempting to say that we could “have faith if we wanted to” but science was essentially the truth. Then they taught us a whole bunch of lies that were rooted in false sciences. I had an interest in studying creation long before I graduated high school, so thankfully I had enough knowledge to see many of the lies as they were taught. Unfortunately the lies start at a very young age, teaching children that dinosaurs went extinct “millions of years ago.” It makes me angry and want to fight more for people to know and understand the truth.

This book goes along great with the mission of Answers in Genesis. In order to get the world to understand the Gospel, they need to understand their foundations. It’s a great resource for teachers, parents, students, youth leaders, etc. I highly recommend any of Ken Ham’s works to anyone and everyone.

Rating: 5-Stars-300x57

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