First Line Friday – To Dwell Among Cedars

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Happy Friday!

The book I’m featuring this week is:

To Dwell Among Cedars (The Covenant House, #1)

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‘Lukio!’ I screamed, as a wave crashed over us and yanked my brother’s small hand from mine.”

I confess that I am incredibly spoiled and I am currently reading an early copy of this gem, but it officially releases in just a few days on Tuesday, December 1st. I am LOVING it so far, and Connilyn Cossette is proving once again how she has earned her spot as one of my absolute favorite authors of Biblical fiction. If you haven’t already pre-ordered this one yet, I HIGHLY recommend doing so! Right now, Baker has this book on sale for only $9.59 with FREE shipping! That’s an amazing deal worth jumping on. (There may or may not be a whole load of other books that are similarly discounted as well…#justblamebecca 😉 haha).

About the Book:

Eight years ago, when the Philistines stole and then surrendered the ark of the covenant back to the Israelites, Eliora left her Philistine homeland to follow the ark to the community of Kiryat Yearim. There, the family she was adopted into has guarded the ark at the top of a mountain in seclusion.

Ronen is a Levite musician determined to return the ark to Shiloh, where his tribe believes it belongs. He never expected that the Philistine girl he rescued years ago would now be part of the very family he’s tasked to deceive.

As Ronen’s attempts to charm Eliora lead them in unexpected directions, betrayal leaves Eliora with strained family ties and Ronen questioning his own loyalties. Ultimately, Eliora and Ronen are caught up in the battle for the soul of Israel and its future under the leadership of Samuel, the last judge before the era of the kings begins.

Now it’s your turn!

Grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line. To see what First Lines others are sharing this week head over to Hoarding Books.

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11 responses to “First Line Friday – To Dwell Among Cedars

  1. Kay Garrett

    Beryl Helliwell was not in the habit of being put out. In fact, she usually took new circumstances in stride. For the most part, she felt that experiences most others found irritating were simple opportunities to learn something new.
    MURDER COMES TO CALL by Jessica Ellicott
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  2. Becky

    Happy Friday! My first line is from “Only You” by Susan May Warren, and is free for subscribing to her website:

    “Her happy ending was out there, at the end of the beam of her headlamp, and if Ree kept running, surely she would find it.”

  3. I can’t wait to read this one!

    Happy Friday! 🙂
    I’m sharing the first line from Nicole by Sarah Monzon on my blog: I’m just beginning chapter 4, so I will share a line from there:
    “I’d learned early on in medical school to utilize any spare minute I could find.”
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I wish you a relaxing weekend filled with fun reading time! 🙂❤️📚

  4. Ellie

    I’m planning to start An Amish Christmas Wedding this weekend. It’s a collection of four novellas. The first one is called Evergreen Love by Amy Clipston and the first line is ” Lorene lifted her head after a silent prayer and surveyed the supper table, set with her father’s favorite meal.” I hope you are having a great Thanksgiving weekend!

  5. Paula Shreckhise

    My first line is from TO STEAL A HEART by Jen Turano
    November 1886 New York City
    It was quickly becoming evident that she, Miss Gabriella Goodhue, might very well be arrested in the nit-too-distant future, and all because she’d convinced herself that sneaking into a high-society costume ball would be a relatively easy feat, given her past life as a street thief .

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