First Line Friday #58

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first line friday

Happy Friday!

The book I’m featuring this week is:

The First Gift

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“Brady, make sure that extra apple finds its way to the Carrutherses’ mailbox this afternoon,” Amanda Stanton instructed in a voice that meant business.

Once again I’m sharing a book that I pulled from my CFRR swag bag 🙂 I met the author while at CFRR and was able to chat for a few minutes with her. I was excited to meet someone who writes books that take place in upstate NY where I’m familiar with. In a small world, I also learned we even grew up in the same town! I’ve seen some great reviews for this book and it seems like one that will easily suck me in, so I hope to get the chance to read it very soon!

About the Book:

Bringing to mind classics like Catherine Marshall’s Christy, society’s standards are put to the test and a Northern Appalachian town comes together to save a neglected child in Ruth Logan Herne’s new romance, The First Gift. This poignant novel tells the story of five-year-old Cassie Carruthers, who lives in a bug-infested shack in the hills of Western New York’s Southern Tier. Her mother has died and Cassie spends her days fending for herself while her alcoholic father drinks himself into a stupor. But Cassie’s isolation has not gone unnoticed in the tightknit community of Phillipsburg. When a concerned neighbor alerts the county, the community sets a plan in motion to rescue the neglected little girl. Through fundraising efforts, Cassie is tucked into the kindergarten classroom of independent, beautiful Kerry McHenry. Kerry has her work cut out for her in dealing with Cassie’s depressed father, but despite the child’s loveless start in life, she soon reveals herself to be an intelligent, eager student. Moreover, she possesses a resourcefulness that has saved her life more than once—and will be called upon again. Kerry McHenry is nobody’s fool. She sees her own tough upbringing in Cassie’s dire situation, so she works tirelessly to guide the young girl, trying to help her become everything that God wants her to be. At the same time, she finds herself torn between a commitment-phobic pediatric oncologist from a nearby town and Phillipsburg’s widowed deputy sheriff, a complicated man who is still angry with God. As the stakes grow ever higher and the characters’ lives intersect in unexpected ways, each will face a true test of faith—and come face to face with indisputable evidence of God’s love.

About the Author:Ruth Logan Herne

Multi-published, award-winning, bestselling author Ruth Logan Herne is living her dream of being a published author and having the time of her life doing it. Born to a poor family in Rochester, NY, Ruthy draws on her early years and her many years of dealing with today’s young families and businesses to create beautiful, heartfelt small-town stories of faith, hope and love… while adopting her favorite non-Scripture quotes “Plenty of time for rest in the grave” (Ben Franklin) and “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.” (Eleanor Roosevelt) and one can always depend on Yoda “There is no try. There is do or do not.” Succinct… and true. 🙂 She loves chatting with readers on facebook at Ruth Logan Herne or follow Ruthy on Twitter, visit her website or stop by Seekerville ( or pop by the Yankee Belle Cafe where Ruthy and several lovely authors share recipes, facts, photos and just plain old life! (

Now it’s your turn!

Grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line. To see what First Lines others are sharing this week head over to Hoarding Books.

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13 responses to “First Line Friday #58

  1. Kay Garrett

    “I can’t believe she came here without letting us know ahead of time.”
    Ruby Glick paced outside on the front porch. She doubted her older brother, Timothy, and his wife, Patience, realized she could hear their conversation through the screened windows—a conversation about her.
    THE TEACHER’S BRIDE by Kathleen Fulller
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  2. debraemarvin

    Oooh! Becca is a WNYer!
    Me too.

    I think I have not yet seen this cover before. How did I miss it?
    My first line Friday would come from The Mistress of Tall Acre which I’m listening to on audiobook at night. (yes, like 3:30am when I should be sleeping!)

  3. Happy Friday!

    Today on my blog, I am sharing the first line from Moments We Forget by Beth Vogt. You can check that out here: I’m currently on chapter 20, so I will share the first couple of lines from there.

    “I should do something more to make today feel festive — more Christmassy. But turning Spotify to holiday music would have to do.”

    Hope you have a great weekend. Happy reading!

  4. I just read my first book by Ruthie, and I am definitely going to read more. This one sounds really good. My first line comes from The Lost Girls of Paris by Pam Jenoff.

    “New York, 1946. If not for the second worst mistake of Grace Healey’s life, she never would have found the suitcase.”

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