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Happy Friday!

This week I’m featuring:


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“It had to be Drew Brees.”

With last week being the start of this year’s NFL season I thought I would share something related to football. First of all, I feel the need to share that I am a colts fan. No, Case Keenum doesn’t play for my team (although Tony Dungy used to be the coach and he wrote the forward), but I respect him as a person and athlete. While I was sad to see Peyton Manning move to the Broncos, I still kept and eye on him and it caused me to not hate the Broncos. Seeing as Keenum is now their quarterback, I was interested in learning more about him. Currently I am a little over halfway through this book, but I am really enjoying it. I definitely recommend to people who have at least some knowledge of football and other famous players. The biggest thing so far that has stuck with me is the fact that he says he wants to be seen as a Christian who plays football, and not a football player who is a Christian. I’ll be posting a full review sometime within the next few days.

About the Book:

Case Keenum has traveled one of the most unique paths in the NFL. Recruited by just one college, undrafted, and released three times, Case has overcome every obstacle to become a successful starting quarterback. In 2017, Keenum captured America’s imagination by leading the Minnesota Vikings to a 13-3 record and an NFC North title. His game-winning touchdown in the final seconds of their divisional playoff game against the Saints, the “Minneapolis Miracle,” made Case part of NFL history.

Keenum shares stories from every stage of his life, starting out as a ball boy for his father’s college team in West Texas, going on to win a state title in high school, and rewriting the NCAA record book at the University of Houston. A devastating knee injury almost derailed his football career, but helped him get closer to the woman who would soon become his wife.

Throughout his story, Case will explain how being a Christian helped him navigate the winding path to success. No matter what obstacle has been placed in front of him, Case believes God has a plan for him. That’s why he plays football and that’s why he’s writing this book: To glorify God and to help others who face adversity in their everyday life.

“Am I a football player who happens to be a Christian?” Case writes, “No, I’m a Christian who happens to be a football player. That’s my calling. That’s my defining characteristic. Once I realized that, everything else fell into place. I became a better football player and, more importantly, a better person.”

About the Author:case-keenum

Casey Austin “Case” Keenum (born February 17, 1988) is an American football quarterback for the Denver Broncos of the National Football League (NFL). He played college football for Houston, where he became the NCAA’s all-time leader in total passing yards, touchdowns, and completions. In the 2008 college football season, Keenum ranked first nationally in total offense and second in total passing yards. During the 2011 season, Keenum became the Football Bowl Subdivision’s all-time leader in total offense, as well as the all-time leader in total touchdown passes by an FBS quarterback. As a result of his on-field contributions to Houston’s success, Keenum was named to several All-American lists. He is the only quarterback in Division I FBS football history to have passed for more than 5,000 yards in each of three seasons.

After being signed by the Houston Texans as an undrafted free agent in 2012, Keenum threw for 1,760 yards and 9 touchdowns in the eight games he started for the Texans, before being waived prior to the 2014 season. Keenum was then signed to the St. Louis Rams’ practice squad. He re-signed with the Texans later in 2014. In 2015, the Rams traded a draft pick to the Texans for Keenum, where he played until signing as a free agent with the Minnesota Vikings in 2017. After starter Sam Bradford got injured, Keenum came in and had a career year, setting highs in starts, passing yards, completions and touchdowns. He led the Vikings to a 13-win regular season, followed by a last-second win over the New Orleans Saints in the divisional round of the playoffs; the Vikings lost in the next round to the eventual Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles. Keenum once again became a free agent, and signed a two-year deal with the Broncos in March 2018.

Now it’s your turn!

Grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line. To see what First Lines others are sharing this week head over to Hoarding Books.

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27 responses to “First Line Friday #26

  1. On my blog, I shared the first line of Alessandro D’Avenia’s “White as Silence, Red as Song,” but here I will share something from my current read, “Strange Grace” by Tessa Graton. I’m currently 25% into the story and I’m enjoying it! This is the first line of the current chapter I’m on.

    “Three year ago, when Arthur was nearly fifteen, his best friend, Rhun, stopped the along the narrow deer path they’d been stalking along, and kissed him.”

    Hope you’re having a great day! Enjoy the weekend ahead. 😀

  2. Paula Shreckhise

    My first line is from chapter 6 of The Cumberland Bride by Shannon McNear:

    Morning dawned with a bit more edge to the wind and the clouds more thick and grey, spitting definite rain.

  3. I don’t even follow football here in Australia! Lol. Cricket, however… 🙂

    I’m sharing the first line from “My Hands Came Away Red” by Lisa McKay on my blog today, but I’ve also just finished reading Lisa Harris’s new release “A Secret to Die For”:

    A sharp clatter jerked Grace Callahan out of the novel she was reading.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Patsy Curry

    I would like to read Playing for More. I am a football fan and love reading about Christians on the various teams. I just finished reading Birds of Pray by Rob Maaddi about the group of Christians on the Philadelphia Eagles. I will share the first line from that book.
    “Eight and a half hours before kickoff for Super Bowl LII, members of the Philadelphia Eagles got ready for the biggest game of their lives with an intimate celebration of their love for Jesus Christ.”
    I have to add that I live in Philadelphia and it has been exciting to watch Carson Wentz and others on the team share their faith.

    • We have friends of ours in PA and they are Eagles fans. When they lived near us we watched football together almost every weekend. Where we live the Bills are always on but they had the NFL package so we could watch other games. This made me happy b/c I am NOT a Bills fan. My husband is, but I’m a Colts fan

  5. carylkane

    My first line comes from Thunder and Rain by Charles Martin.

    Five years ago

    Andie grabbed the pommel, slid her foot in the stirrup and hopped up on May-a fifteen-hand black cutting horse with white socks.

    Happy Friday and happy reading!

  6. Over on my blog I’m sharing the first line from Magnolia Summer by Melanie Dickerson. Here I’ll share the first line from chapter 5 of the same book.

    “The eastern sky turned pink as Celia dressed for the day.”

  7. lelandandbecky

    Happy Friday! My first line is from “A Widow’s Hope” by Vannetta Chapman:

    “Monday mornings were never easy.”

  8. Happy Friday, Becca!

    Today on my blog, I am sharing the first line from Tracy Groot’s novel The Stones of my Accusers. Currently, I am reading Finding Us by Heather Moore. So far, it’s a fun book. One of those books that has me smiling with each page! I am starting chapter 7, so I will leave the first line from there.

    “Opening the bookshop on Saturday morning wasn’t as bad as Felicity thought it might be.”

    Hope you have an excellent weekend filled with quality reading time!

  9. Happy Friday!

    My First Lines come from Season of Wonder by RaeAnne Thayne…..

    “This is totally lame. Why do we have to stay here and wait for you? We can walk home in, like, ten minutes.” Daniela Capelli drew in a deep breath and prayed for patience, something she seemed to be doing with increasing frequency these days when it came to her thirteen-year-old daughter. “It’s starting to snow and already almost dark.”

    Have an awesome weekend and happy reading!💕📚

  10. Happy Friday! The book I’m sharing on my blog is “Out of the Storm” by Jody Hedlund. Since I’m still reading it, I will share the first line of the fourth chapter here. “Isabelle,” called Henry from the bedroom. “I need you!” May your weekend be all you’re hoping it will be.

  11. Happy Friday! After preparing my blog post sharing first line from Shelley Shepard Gray’s Her Fear, I ended up reading the entire book. So here I’ll share the first lines for a novella I plan to read soon, Come Fly with Me by Gina Welborn and Becca Whitham:

    Please, let him not be here. As Luanne Palmer climbed the stairs to the second floor, she muttered “please” after “please.”

  12. My FLF today is An Unpresentable Glory by Eleanor K. Gustafson. “On her return from church Kileenda Jensen discovered a problem, and it had nothing to do with her name”

  13. Ellie

    I’m going to put that on a list to get for my husband for Christmas! It sounds like I might like to read it, too. 🙂

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