First Line Friday #105

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Happy Friday!

The book I’m featuring this week is:

One Little Lie (The Pelican Harbor #1)

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Button eyed the compound’s exit and forced herself to trudge behind her parents as the pain intensified in her belly.

I just started reading this one on Wednesday afternoon but sadly haven’t been able to read much today. My husband was sent home from work because his building was shut down but thankfully he’ll be able to work from home until this COVID-19 mess is over with. I’m about halfway through and am going to read a little bit more now before I head to bed. It’s SOO good so far though so you never know how much my “little bit” will actually last. I got nowhere to be tomorrow and I know it! 🤣

About the Book:

It started with one little lie. But Jane Hardy will do everything in her power to uncover the truth. 

Book one in a gripping new series from USA TODAY bestselling romantic suspense author Colleen Coble.

When Jane Hardy is appointed interim sheriff in Pelican Harbor, Alabama, after her father retires, there’s no time for an adjustment period. He is arrested for theft and then implicated in a recent murder, and Jane quickly realizes she’s facing someone out to destroy her father.

They escaped from a cult fifteen years ago, and Jane has searched relentlessly for her mother—who refused to leave—ever since. Could someone from that horrible past have found them?

Reid Bechtol is a well-known journalist who makes documentaries, and his sights are currently set on covering Jane’s career. Jane has little interest in the attention, but the committee who appointed her loves the idea of the publicity.

Jane finds herself depending on Reid’s calm manner as he follows her around taping his documentary, and they begin working together to clear her father. But Reid has his own secrets from the past, and the gulf between them may be impossible to cross.

It started with one little lie. But Jane Hardy will do everything in her power to uncover the truth.

About the Author:Colleen Coble

USAToday bestselling author Colleen Coble lives with her husband, Dave, in Indiana. She is the author of dozens of novels including the Rock Harbor Series, the Aloha Reef Series, the Mercy Falls Series, the Hope Beach Series, the Lonestar Series and two Women of Faith fiction selections, Alaska Twilight and Midnight Sea. She has more than 2 million books in print.

Now it’s your turn!

Grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line. To see what First Lines others are sharing this week head over to Hoarding Books.

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19 responses to “First Line Friday #105

  1. That sounds like a good read. Books will be my escape in the days and weeks to come. I always read at bedtime to take my thoughts elsewhere.

  2. Jen@GracetoGrow

    I really loved this one! I think it’s my favorite of Colleen Coble’s 🙂

    Today on my blog I’m featuring Before I Called You Mine by Nicole Deese. I’m just about to start The Jerusalem Assassin by Joel C. Rosenberg, so I’ll share the first line here:

    “Washington, D.C. – 15 November

    They were coming, and he knew they were coming, and he knew why – they were coming to kill him and to kill the president and to kill anyone else who got in their way.”

    Hope you stay healthy and well, and have lots of reading time this weekend! 🙂

  3. Happy Friday!

    I really enjoyed this one, and am looking forward to reading the rest of the series. Colleen Coble is one of my favorites.

    On my blog today, I’m sharing the first line from The Inheritance by Michael Phillips:

    “On a late afternoon of a surprisingly warm day, a small lad sat on a large stone with the blue of sky and water spreading out before him.”

    Hope you stay safe and healthy, and have a great rest of your weekend 🙂

  4. Kay Garrett

    “Teddy! Put that jar away before you get us arrested.” Cornelia looked back to see if the sheriff’s car they had just passed was turning around.
    MURDER AT THE MILLION DOLLAR PIER by Gwen Mayo and Sarah E. Glenn

  5. Happy Friday! I hope you and your family are all doing OK in this crazy time. God’s got us all!
    Today on my blog, I’m sharing from The Gift of Forgiveness by Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt: I’m currently reading Carolina Breeze by Denise Hunter. It is SO good. I’ll share a line from there.
    “Levi was a genius.”
    I hope you have an excellent weekend. Happy reading! 🙂❤️📖

  6. lelandandbecky

    Happy Friday! My first line is from “The Jerusalem Assassin” by Joel C. Rosenberg:

    “They were coming, and he knew they were coming, and he knew why – they were coming to kill him and to kill the president and to kill anyone else who got in their way. They were coming to settle scores.”

  7. Happy Friday! I’m sharing from my current read, Finding Peace in Wishing Bridge by Ruth Logan Herne. Here is the first line of chapter four:

    “Three new fairy houses found their way to Fairy Trail Lane the following week.”

    Hope you stay healthy and have a great weekend!

  8. Paula Shreckhise

    Really want to read Colleen’s book!

    I’m featuring Runaway Bride by Jody Hedlund
    Vancouver Island. September 18, 1862
    Today she might meet the man she’d marry.

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