Fiction Readers Summit 2019 – The Day After (Still in Grand Rapids)

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Not wanting to have to rush home after the event, Becca and I planned to stay an extra few days so we had more time to do some site-seeing and such around the area. Late Sunday morning we met Kim and Kayla Woodhouse for an early lunch at Red Lobster before they had to get on a plane. We also got to share a birthday desert since it was Kim’s birthday a few days before and she was gracious enough to share 🙂


From there, the hashtag #justblamekayla was born. Why do you ask? Because she told us about ANOTHER bookstore to check out in the area. So (including going back retroactively), anytime we enter a bookstore (with or without a chaperone), we are going to #justblamekayla. I have to say though, this was another pretty neat bookstore with loads of bookish goodies inside!


Afterward we decided to check out the Calvin Ecosystem Preserve which was recommended for us to check out. It’s a small little nature trail but it was very beautiful and we enjoyed a nice stroll getting semi-lost in the woods 😂

We also returned later that night to see if we could find some fireflies for Becca. I didn’t know that there aren’t any fireflies in Oregon but now I do! Although we didn’t see very many, thankfully we at least saw a few so she could mark it off of her bucket list 🙂


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