Fiction Readers Summit 2019 – Final Thoughts

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Can I get all “sappy” for a moment and share this?

In reflecting on FRS this year I just couldn’t help but say how much I love and appreciate these types of events. While I say (all the time) that I’d rather meet an author than a movie star any day, I’d also like to point out that they are people too–with lives of their own. Sure they write books, but there is more to an author than the words they write on a page. They also like to read (which yes, leads to a whole ton of TBR stacking that no reader or author is safe from 🤣). They also have families and other loved ones and hobbies and quirks and struggles and all that other stuff that means they’re human. It was an incredible blessing to get to get to meet so many wonderful people throughout the entire weekend. I enjoyed every moment chatting with others (reader and author alike). It was more than just a gathering of authors and readers—but a gathering of book lovers. Through a single shared interest we were able to develop some wonderful friendships that I’m sure will continue long into the future.

I was truly blessed while reading all of my signed books because not only did the notes add a personal touch, but because just about every single book that was signed had a verse included with it (or at least some type of biblical encouragement). Why might this be important? Because it means Christian Fiction is being done right—it’s continually encouraging us to look up. The stories may be fiction, but our God is not—and it’s a powerful thing when a story draws a person to their Heavenly Father.

Pray for the authors. They have a tough job writing the creations they do while under the pressure of deadlines and daily life. Pray that they would be able to stand against the temptations that come their way and that they would continue to write in a God-honoring way. Pray for the readers too. Pray for those who are unbelievers that the stories can point them to God, and for the believers that they would continue to look up.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone who played a role in last weekend’s events! I will not name names because I would feel terrible if I forgot someone, but I just want you to know that I love and appreciate you all! I was truly blessed and I’m already looking forward (God willing) to the next event <3


I also forgot to share this until someone asked… but here’s a photo with all of the books I came home with. Not included are a few duplicates and an ebook 🙂 My grand total for the week was 34 books! <3


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Fiction Readers Summit 2019- Final Thoughts

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18 responses to “Fiction Readers Summit 2019 – Final Thoughts

  1. Wow Becca! You had an amazing experience and I felt like I was right there with you! So, how many books did you come home with? I know you counted so just spill!😂 Thank you so much for sharing your trip!! I wish I was there!!💜

  2. I’m so glad that you had such a wonderful time. I’ve enjoyed your pictures and reading about your experience. I do wish that I could have been able to slip away and come up to Grand Rapids. Hopefully next year I can attend FRS!

  3. Amanda Barratt

    This is truly beautiful, Becca! I’ve loved reading your posts! FRS was an unforgettable experience, and I’m so thankful authors and readers could gather together to encourage and be a blessing to each other! ❤

  4. […] I also attended FRS last year in Grand Rapids, MI and that was another event that I didn’t want to come home from. I was able to reunite with some of my author/reader friends from CFRR, as well as make lots of new ones. I can’t wait to return this year in May for the retreat, but I’m also planning a trip in just a few weeks (weather permitting) to stay with an FRS buddy and we are planning a meet-up with some other friends at Baker Book House while I’m there. (Here’s more links if you want to see more about my FRS trip: Fiction Readers Summit 2019 – Arrival Day, Fiction Readers Summit 2019 – The Main Event, Fiction Readers Summit 2019 – Closing Breakfast and More Fun, Fiction Readers Summit 2019 – The Day After (Still in Grand Rapids), Fiction Readers Summit 2019 – A Tour of Baker Publishing Group, Fiction Readers Summit 2019 – Final Thoughts) […]

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