Fiction Readers Summit 2019 – Closing Breakfast and More Fun

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Saturday morning arrived and we had a final breakfast together before everyone was released to wherever they were headed. Chris Jager shared a few thoughts and then Alexis De Weese read to us from a book of benedictions. I happened to win the raffle from an activity we did the day before, but I shared most of the books with the others who helped me and a table-mate who hadn’t read one of them that I already had.

As if the night before weren’t enough, many of us stuck around for several more hours to shop and chat. (Sorry to anyone who missed being in the photo below… it wasn’t planned so no one was left out intentionally).


So here’s the deal… several people had no idea that Becca and I just met 4 months ago at CFRR. They thought we’d been friends for a very long time, and we were dubbed “the Beccas” long before we’d even made it to this event. I’m not sure we are even allowed to travel separately anymore 😂😂 But since we met at CFRR, she already knew about my cool “book shirts” that I made with my cousin and so I came with several for her. So not only were we “the Beccas,” but we were also known for our “cool shirts.” I also met Kim Woodhouse at CFRR so she asked for me to come with some shirts for her too. We all got to show off our “almost” matching one on Satruday morning. Kim also got to try out being a “Becca” for a few minutes while I got to try out being a “Kim” (and an author 😉). I think I like the feeling! 😂 (This was made even funnier when I was asked by Chris Jager’s aunt on Monday morning if I was an author because I looked like one. So the question is, do I look like Kim or is it something else? Haha).

When we finally peeled ourselves out of the store, Becca and I headed to Chick-Fil-A for lunch where we also ran into some friends but didn’t realize we were two tables apart until we were already finished eating. So we got to chat for a few minutes but didn’t get to enjoy the whole meal together.

I was lucky enough for space that I didn’t have to worry (too much) about how much I came home with because I’d driven, but because Becca flew she had to send her goodies home ahead at the post office. She had quite the haul to ship!


For the rest of the day we did some walking around the mall (which may or may not have included another bookstore), had dinner at Applebees, and then came back to the hotel where we stayed up super late just hanging out.

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