Fall Into Books Reading Challenge Day 25

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Is it bad that my first thought for this one jumped to Maleficent from the movie instead of thinking of a book? Oops! However, I DID just discover that there is also a novelization of the movie, so I swiftly added it to my TBR pile!


The next book that came to mind is actually a series by Sara Ella called Unblemished. The interesting thing about that series, is that the villain isn’t always clear because everyone–including the “good guys”– have to fight the same battle over darkness.  There are people who are villains but once you hear their history you find they are more broken. Then there are those who you would consider heros but they aren’t the perfection they display either. It’s really a thought-provoking read.

The Unblemished Trilogy: Unblemished, Unraveling, Unbreakable

Who’s your favorite villain that you just can’t bring yourself to hate? Share in the comments below 🙂

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The Truth About Us by Tia Souders

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…her grandmother died.

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Hidden in her grandmother’s’ jewelry box, eighteen-year-old Abigail Bridges discovers a cryptic letter with a final request to reveal a long-hidden family secret.

There’s only one rule: tell no one.

But breaking the rules is inevitable once she meets the enigmatic Kaden Oliver and confides in him.

While sparks fly, they unravel the mystery of her family’s legacy. So, what do her grandmother’s letters, a journal from the Holocaust, and a murdered detective have to do with her heritage?

Nothing can prepare her for what she will find.

But once she discovers the heinous truth, the question becomes, what will she do with it?

For fans of contemporary mysteries, THE TRUTH ABOUT US brings you a modern-day novel with a WWII background and a harrowing twist!


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2 responses to “Fall Into Books Reading Challenge Day 25

  1. The Truth About Us sounds like an awesome read.

    As for villains, I can’t think of any I liked, maybe that’s the point. Anyway, the one I like to despise is Cruella De vil. I love 101 Dalmations 🙂

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