Easter is Coming!

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Title: Easter is Coming!

Author: Tama Fortner

Illustrator: Wazza Pink


Mommy and her little ones are settling in for story time, and this time it’s the biblical story of Easter that she’s telling. As the youngsters hear God’s tale unfold with its sometimes somber notes about sin and death, they are softly and continually reminded, “But Easter is coming!” By the end of the book, the anticipation has built and the children can celebrate the ending and the glory of Easter Sunday.

In a time when children’s Easter excitement often focuses on only egg hunts and candy, this book offers a different—and true—reason for joy and expectancy. It’s designed to be read and reread on the days leading up to Easter, telling the greatest story and building a sense of anticipation and celebration in little hearts.

My Review:

Yes, yes, THANK YOU! I absolutely love this little book! It can be hard to find books about Easter that don’t involve the Easer Bunny or egg hunts. This story is truthful yet cute, and interactive by repeating certain phrases that kids will hopefully start to repeat with you as you start to flip through the pages. It begins right at the beginning of the Old Testament, showing how the whole Bible is about Jesus and not just the New Testament. He existed before the world was created and knew that “Easter” was coming all along even though it took people a while to understand.

This book is about the size of a novel only wider. It’s a padded board book so the sturdy construction should help protect it in the hands of a toddler. The illustrations are highly colorful and engaging, and the text is creatively placed within them.

I would absolutely recommend this book as a MUST-HAVE for everyone’s home with small children to help them grasp the real meaning of Easter aside from the commercial holiday. It would also be a great book to share with a young Sunday school class. Love it!

*I received a copy of this book from B&H Publishing. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.

Easter Is Coming! (padded)

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