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Help your kids get excited about learning God’s Word! The NKJV Early Readers Bible offers the respected New King James Version® translation and 192 pages of helpful maps, charts, articles, study tools, and more. It’s the perfect first full-text Bible for children ages 7 to 10, and it comes in a fun, shiny foil cover they will love.

The NKJV Early Readers Bible offers tons of extra resources to help your children understand what they are reading, at a very affordable price. Your kids will love the shiny foil cover, and the text is printed in a large-print type, so it’s easier for them to read. This engaging Bible also includes 192 pages of helpful maps, charts, articles, and study tools such as:

  • Book introductions
  • Illustrated word list
  • Reading plans
  • Scripture memorization plans
  • Important prayers from men and women in the Bible
  • Teaching articles
  • Full-color illustrated biblical and secular timeline
  • Informative charts and graphs
  • Maps, concordance, and more
  • Full-color presentation and record pages

This Bible is a wonderful first Bible for early readers to help them know God, understand His Word, hide it in their hearts, and build important Christian character traits in their lives.

If I was a young girl, I would jump at the chance to get my hands on a copy of this Bible. I mean, what young girl doesn’t like pink and glitter?? In looking online, it unfortunately doesn’t appear to come in a design that would appeal to boys. I don’t understand this considering the material inside didn’t appear to be geared toward either gender. Hopefully they will create another cover that boys would like, because I really consider this a great Bible for kids.

One thing that I think is really helpful for this Bible is that the majority of the study materials appear at the front instead of in the middle of the Bible. While I myself prefer when there are notes and materials sprinkled throughout, what I’ve noticed is that kids have a hard enough time simply finding the passages they are looking for and it can be pretty overwhelming. I really like how the notes really drill down to the basics and help the kids get a better understanding of God’s Word before they “get to the good stuff.” It also includes several reading plan options to get kids started on reading through the Bible (and/or studying specific topics).

I especially love how the materials are laid out in the beginning. What the Bible is is introduced, along with how it came to be. Then it shares practical ways for kids to build Christian character and different ways they can study the Bible. I really like how it explains the Bible “in a nutshell” for kids, so that they can get a little background to better understand what they’re reading. The Bible can be pretty intimidating for kids (and even adults), because of it’s size and how difficult parts of it can be to understand, so anything that can simplify and explain it for them can be helpful.

Throughout the Bible there are a few places that the reader can come across some maps and a few shorts diagrams and/or explanations of the section they are in. These materials are very easy to find because they are made out of a thicker and glossier paper. Other than that the Bible is organized very simply with a basic two-column design with the words of Jesus in red. I believe it’s up to personal opinion if people prefer a lot of material throughout the Bible and/or in the front and back. Coming from someone who did a lot of “Sword Drills” as a kid though, the simpler middle–the better.

Another piece I really like is that the concordance at the end is also a dictionary. It both explains the words and shares where to find them in the Bible. It also shares how to pronounce some of the more difficult words. I went through and read a lot of the descriptions and found them both basic enough for kids to understand, and deep enough for kids to study.

The only thing I wasn’t really a fan of was the section that separated “Biblical History” and “Secular History.” For one, I am not a fan when people separate the two considering the fact that “history is history.” I do think something like this could be helpful for a Bible geared towards middle and high schoolers so that they could get a better understanding of where the events they learn about in school line up with the Bible’s timing. (Ex: I had a kid at church ask me this year if the Samaritans were the people she learned about from Sumer in school).

Overall I really like the layout of this Bible and find the study materials very helpful and informative. Because the only cover I see at this time is pink with glitter, I would recommend to young girls, but aside from that the Bible is a great option for young readers. I think kids would definitely benefit from reading the materials with their parents to help read and understand some of the bigger words and concepts, but I really like how the wording intentionally tries to make the Bible more understandable for kids.

*I received a complimentary copy of this Bible from BookLook Bloggers. I was not required to give a positive review. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.

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  1. […] I think this book would appeal to young girls, but I don’t think this would be my first choice of recommendation. I think it could be helpful when looking at individual passages where it could help make things easier to understand, but I also feel that the wording waters-down the Word too often in the attempts to simplify. I would rather recommend a kids’ Bible that has more notes to help them understand, than one that I’m not confident and comfortable with the translation. There are other translations out there that are easier to understand but more accurate. (I recommend looking into the NKJV Early Readers Bible). […]

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