CSB Study Bible for Women

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9781433644207_CSB_StudyBibleForWomen_LightTurquoiseSand_ClothOverBoard_CVR_WithJacket.jpgI am absolutely thrilled to be able to share with you about a new study Bible that has been released with materials written “by women, for women.” I was able to get my hands on a hardcover copy, however it’s also is available in a teal LeatherTouch with floral design, and brown LeatherTouch with an etched design up the side. The print inside is full color including beautiful floral designs on each page introducing a new book.

I confess that while I have heard of the CSB translation of the Bible, I’ve never actually opened the cover of one to see inside prior to this. The introduction explains this well, but using simple terms, Bible translations are generally considered more “word for word” or “thought for thought.” The first tries to stick literally to the translation of each word even though in some places it can be a bit difficult to understand. The second looks less at the structure of the text and more at the meaning, so that the overall meaning of the text is translated. Both forms have their pros and cons, and people generally have their own preferences. CSB claims to blend those two ideas together, as a “word for word” translation that only moves to “thought for thought” when necessary for proper understanding.

Each introduction to a book includes answers to some questions like “who wrote it?” and “when was it written?” Followed by why women should read it and how it should be read. Then there is an outline along with a timeline on the bottom of the page as a footnote.

There are several different study materials sprinkled throughout the Bible. In the back of Study bible for women.jpgthe Bible is a page describing what the different study materials mean and what their purpose was for being added. After that are all of the indexes for them. Personally I would have liked to see all of that in the front, but I can understand the logic of adding it to the back as well. The Bible calls the study materials “threads” and they are sprinkled logically and intentionally throughout the Bible. There are boxes about doctrine, hard questions, character profiles, Biblical womanhood, and word studies. There are also your maps and charts that are commonly found in study Bibles.

At the end of each book is a short devotional called “Written on my Heart.” They are more of a “last thought” or “quick meditation” to think over what you’ve just read considering they are generally only a few sentences long. They are a good wrap-up to the books though and help encourage meditating on God’s Word.

If I had to claim a favorite puzzle piece to this Bible it would have to be the word studies. While I am personally not well educated in Greek or Hebrew, I love looking at the original languages in order to get a fuller understanding of the text. Not only do I appreciate the words themselves, but the depths of their actual meanings.

I absolutely love this study Bible! I’ve been doing a lot of talking about it already! Not to discredit Bibles that are solely “devotional,” but I’ve been looking for years for a women’s study Bible that had more. I wanted the study and the devotional notes all in one Bible. This Bible has managed to put it all together beautifully. I honestly can’t recommend it enough!

*I received a complimentary copy from Lifeway Publishers in hopes of an honest review. I was not obligated to give a positive review. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.

You can purchase a copy today at Lifeway, Amazon, or other retailer!

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