Courage for Life – Audio Bible App Review

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appgrabIt was recently brought to my attention that there’s a new Bible app in town and it’s FREE to download. I decided to give it a try. Currently the app has only the New Testament uploaded, but it appears that they are working on getting the Old Testament added as well. It took a bit of digging but I was able to find that the translation used for the Bible app is the NLT version.

The interface on the app is very simple to use. There is the option to listen and/or read the scriptures. I discovered that while you’re listening you can  also select the book option and follow along while the narrator is reading out loud. From what I listened to I wouldn’t label this as a theatrical reading of the Bible. It’s more of a straight-forward read as if someone were asked to read aloud during a Bible study. It’s up to personal preference how you like to be read to.

I also received a copy of She is Strong and Courageous, a pocket devotional intended to be an encouragement for women. It’s an absolutely adorable book with almost 100 different devotionals to read through. It would be a lovely addition to any woman’s bookshelf.

*I received a copy of She is Strong and Courageous. The app is free to the public. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.




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