Come Down Somewhere

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My Review:

WOW! Okay… um… I need a minute. The book fog has me a little dazed at the moment. I was not quite expecting the wild ride that I just went on, and despite the fact that this was a 400 page book, I swallowed it whole in only two nights! I seriously couldn’t put this thing down. I didn’t know if a chapter was going to end with Olive and Jo smiling at each other, or trying to rip each other’s hair out. Because Jo’s narrative was 7 years after Olive’s (1952 from 1944), I knew that there was something that made these girls like family (at least for a time), but the tension and the drama and the back-and-forth along with all of the other outside conflict these young ladies were having to deal with well too early for their years, made their journeys a crazy wild ride. There were so many answers I needed, and yet as things started to seem to come together, more eruptions and more drama. I don’t think my heart was given a solid rest the entire time I read this book. This is an author I will FOR SURE be watching in the future and plan to read more from. After devouring her debut, I preordered this one as soon as I saw it available. Unfortunately because of life it took me a month to get to it  once it arrived, but boy am I glad I finally got to it! I honestly don’t think I could recommend this one enough. DEFINITELY one for my favorites list for the year. Absolutely masterful!!

*I purchased a copy of this book. Thoughts and opinions expressed are mine alone.


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